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Hi all... I'm working on a Hashimoto's publication (university project). I've put together a short ten question survey. I've never put a survey together before so the questions might not be perfect! Did my best. :-)) Please, please, please fill out the survey so I can include some stats in my publication. surveymonkey.com/s/LRQJPJM

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Have pinned this for you.. xxx Let me know when you have enough replies/survey ends... Thanks



Thanks! :-)

Hi I've completed your survey.

I'd be really grateful if you agree to signing and sharing the e petition below. Please see Louise Warvill's post earlier today for more info.


I have had to make the change from t4 only medication to NDT/t3. It has made a huge difference to my life (I was unable to function and do daily tasks before the change) however, I've had no help from the usual sources and have had to go it alone. I know I'm not the only one and there are thousands like me so it's really important that we make progress.


Done! :-)

The link comes back as web page not available.

All three links on this thread work for me!

Maybe try again? Or on another computer/tablet/phone?


Done! :-) apologies for my long list of additional symptoms... !!!


Thanks everyone... please share if you're part of other forum etc. The more people that fill it out the better.



That's good Kym46.

Would you mind telling us who you are, which country you are based in / are you from UK? and which academic establishment you are working from and how this is funded etc? Great survey..many thanks! Please feel free to PM me if that would be better for you? Thanks :-)

Hi Omega

I'm a student at University of the Arts London. I have to produce a publication for my visual design course and decided to focus on Hashimoto's Disease. I suffer from Hashimoto's and found it difficult to find answers to a lot of questions. I'm not in the medical profession or a scientist. I'm just a person who suffers from this disease who wants to help others who may be struggling and create awareness. At the moment, I'm just gathering as much information as possible so I've a lot to work with. I couldn't find any statistics online about Hashimoto's. I've also interviewed a top ENDO in London and will be including that. Hope that answers all your questions? :-)

I've not been funded by anyone. I wish I could have asked more questions on the survey but if I asked more than ten I would have been charged a fee - unfortunately I can't afford it as I'm a student.

Please tell me endo wasn't Mark Vanderplus? :o Good luck with your project. I look forward to reading it.

No it wasn't. Thank you! :-))

Have done so Kym46, hope it is of use do let us all know the outcome. :)

Will do. Thank you. :-)

Hi Kym

Would we be able to see the results please and your finished project..? Thanks



Hi Louise,

Yes, I will share the stats. I'll let you know about the publication once it's complete. Feels like a long way away at the moment! :-))

done :-)

would be interested to see the results - hope you are going to post them here- best wishes,


Yes, I'll post a link to the results here soon. I just wish I had been able to ask more questions without being charged. It turned out after that if I wanted to see all those who responded I had to pay anyway! Annoying because if I'd paid from the start I could have asked as many questions as I'd wanted. I don't have much money but if it helps someone even in a small way it's worth it.

Hi all... as promised, here are the survey results. Hope you find them interesting! surveymonkey.net/results/SM...

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