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T3 OR T3/T4 combination?

Afternoon all

I posted a few weeks ago to say thanks for all your help and advice. My lovely Endo has written to me after having bloods taken. My two choices with my treatment are: a) 20mcg of T3 split into two doses per day or b) 20mcg of T3 plus 25mcg of T4.

My bloods are:

Free thyroxine 16.1 (9.8 -18.8)

TSH 0.06 ( 0.4 - 4.0)

Free T3 7.5 (3.5 - 8.5)

PV 1.73 (1.5 - 1.72)

My question is this.What would be the benefit of taking the T4?It was doing nothing before and I feel great with the T3, so why not just take the T3?Or do i still need the T4?

I would appreciate any thoughts.

Thanks Yvee

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I'd take both, start off with the T3 only, and then add in the T4 if the T3 didn't do the trick on its own. If you refuse the T4 you cut out an option, and I'm not a fan of doing that personally. The medical profession so rarely offers a choice!

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Thanks for the reply.I was surprised to be offered the choice.Better to keep my options open.


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