Is it my thyroid?

For the past 11 months I have an increased intolerance of the cold in particular my hands and feet hurt they are that cold. Whilst I have recently lost weight following a diet plan, the last couple of months I have been unable to lose weight and even gained despite sticking to the plan. I am suffering with constipation and my mood is low. I also have a constant soreness of my throat. My GP said all symptoms pointed to hypothyroidism however blood tests are normal. TSH 0.6 and free T4 13.5. Lab did not do antibody test as others are in normal range? Any ideas?

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  • Ask for a T3 level, also as a basic principle take a B-Complex containing B3 in the form of Niacin. Niacin opens the blood vessels and is also a mood enhancer for some.


  • Thank you. They didn't do a T3 and the T4 is from the last roubd of tests 6 months ago. They only did TSH this time.

  • Miche1, You cannot take the FT4 number from one test and the TSH from a different test. The numbers need to come from the same test as they are inter-related.

  • Your symptoms could certainly be thyroid related, but TSH of 0.6 does not appear to correlate well with an FT4 of 13.5. TSH 0.6 might indicate heading towards hyperthyroidism (over active) but FT4 13.5 sounds on the low side, indicating possible hypothyroidism (underactive).

    However, to make more sense of your test results, we need to know the lab range. This is a set of numbers that acompany the result. As an example, FT4 13.5 in a range of 9 - 21. If you don't have the ranges, ask for them as the results are not meaningful without them.

    Antibodies and FT3 results would also help to clarify your situation. If your doctpr won't sanction these tests, and you can afford it, then get your own tests done. It's the only way to make a start on figuring out what's wrong. There's info about private tests on the TUK website

  • Thankyou Gingerbread, I will try and ask my GP for a print out of my results. He did request antibodies but the lab didn't do them as the TSH was within the normal range.

  • Yes the labs are a law unto themselves and only do the tests they consider necessary, instead of what the doctor actually requests. Very frustrating. That's why so many here end up doing their own tests.

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