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Hi I have posted before but I have asked my gp for a print out of my blood results after going to him with classic under active thyroid symptoms they are as follows

Vit d3 14 no range given

Vit d2 not detected no range given

Thyroid peroxidase antibody 820 (range 0- 75)

B 12 246pg/ml (range 200-900 so within range)

Serum cholesterol 6.1mmol/L (range 3.5- 5.0)

Serum TSH level 4.8mu/L (range 0.30-5.0)

Plasma parathyroid hormone level 10.80pmol/L ( range 0 - 9.2)

Given these results can anyone give me an indication on whether Hashis is a real possibility

Thanks x

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Wow! No wonder you have symptoms of hypothyroidism!

Firstly your vitamin D3 and vitamin B12 are far too low! As your B12 might be in range (just) you will find it difficult to get treatment from your doctor and you may have to fight for it. You may find you have to supplement yourself. Your doctor should prescribe vitamin D3 though as yours is very low. Both these vitamins can cause you to feel very bad if you are deficient.

Your TSH is at the top of the range, indicating possible (and likely) hypothyroidism. Unfortunately many doctors won't treat until your TSH goes above 10 but your doctor should treat if you have symptoms and your TSH is this high. You might have a fight on your hands with this too but you may be ok if you have a good doctor.

Your antibodies look high so this could be an argument for getting treatment with your TSH below 10 so it is worth mentioning.

I don't really know anything about parathyroid hormone.

Do you have the reference ranges for these tests (numbers in brackets next to the result)? It would be really useful if you could edit your post to include these as this may help others give you more specific information.

I hope I have been of a little help.

Carolyn x


Thanks Carolyn for your help yes my gp has referred me to the hospital to see the endocrinologist as he is reluctant to diagnose me himself! He has put me on Futilium 800 for my low vit D3 but I understand that this may not do much to increase my levels

The ranges I will include in my original post

Thanks again x


Yes, you will likely need a higher dose than that. 3000-5000 would be a much more reasonable amount. Getting out in the midday sun for short bursts will also help.

At least he has reffered you if he is not happy to diagnose. Many GPs would have just said you are fine.

I hope it goes well with the Endocrinologist.

Carolyn x


Deanna, 800iu is totally inadequate to treat your vitD deficency. Be sure to mention it to your endo, mine's suddenly expressed in interest in my vitD after two years but didn't say why.

Mine was <10 and I was prescribed 40,000iu daily x 7 as a loading dose, followed by 2,000iu daily for 8 weeks. My sister is prescribed 20,000iu a week to correct her vitD of 42.

You need to self supplement 3-5,000mcg daily for a month and can probably drop to 1,000-2,000 thereafter of methylcobalamin B12 daily to improve yours. I didn't see a result for folate. It's usually done with B12. If yours wasn't tested look for methylcobalamin B12 with folate/folic acid as they're co-dependent and supplementing one without t'other can mask deficiencies. Your body will thank you in about 8 weeks :)


Well its taken nearly 7 years of pestering the Dr to get this my mum was diagnosed at 35 with under active thyroid and my brother who is 2 years younger than me has just also been diagnosed with it and has very similar symptoms and just as a coincidence my dad is a coeliac sufferer which I have read can also have links with Hashis after practically making myself look like a complete neurotic he eventually tested me and then apologised lol it makes me so mad that you have to fight for a diagnosis!

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I had a very severe vitamins D deficiency, a level of only 3. I was referred to the metabolic bone centre to see a specialist.. The consequence of having such low vit D affected my parathyroid glands causing an increase in my patathyroid hormone levels. This was because low level of Vit D means you can't absorb calcium so the parathyroid gland excretes higher level of hormones to get calcium released from your bones instead. Bringing your vit D levels up on D3 should bring your parathyroid hormones level down (yours are only slightly raised) -but this should be checked to make sure there is no other underlying reason so your GP is right to refer you. I was treated with very high supervised dosages of D3 100,000iu -don't do this!!

800iu of D3 is a low dose and currently is disputed in some quarters even as a maintenance dose. D2 is not very good as a treatment to bring your levels up as it does not stay in the body as long as D3. The Vitamin D Council website has lots of useful information.


Hi, this statement is signed by about 40 Vitamin D researchers; their names are listed. Regardless of whichever of the two types of Vitamin D tests were done (nmol or ng) your score was still very low.

If you're courageous/foolhardy, you'll print the statement and give it to your doctor. If he's anything like my past and present doctors, it'll offend him and injure his pride and ego, and he'll shove it back across the table at you, tell you he doesn't need it and ask you if you got it from some "quack" site? I replied to my smirking previous doctor that I'd not downloaded it from some "quack" site, but from Harvard University.

The same doctor left me with a severe respiratory infection for several months, after refusing my request to call the microbiology lab regarding my sputum result. He made the assumption, based on the word "Influenzae", that Haemophilus Influenzae was the flu and was a viral infection - even though the lab's own print out advised that he call them regarding treatment.

Earlier this year I attended A&E. After 4 hrs the incompetent ****/doctor called me in and listened to my chest, for just a few seconds, over my jumpers. I offered to remove or raise my clothing, but he declined the offer. When I mentioned that I have a long history of respiratory issues including Haemophilus Influenzae, he replied, with a smiling put down, that the name Haemophilus Influenzae indicates that it is just a viral infection and wouldn't require treatment. He made the same assumptions and errors as my former stupid, arrogant GP - but this guy was working in A&E, and lives depended on him. I told him that I didn't want to contradict him, but he was "wrong" and that my former GP had erroneously made the same assumptions as him.


Many Thanks for posting this - succint and to the point ....and scary ! XX


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