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A new confused hyperT



I have just been told 10 days ago I have hyperthyroid. I am on Cabrimazole and already feel loads better. I have also just had a baby and wonder if this is a result of the pregnancy putting a strain on my body.

My levels were TSH 0.02 / T4 42 / T3 16.9 - I know there are very low and very high and I'm hoping that after todays bloods I will have improved somewhat. I guess as the Dr isn't very chatty I'm just looking for some sort of reassurance that I'm not off the scale and there are others in a similar position!!! My hair is also coming out when washing and brushing. Thank god I have a thick head or it or else I'd probably be bald by now lol!!!


Daisy :)

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Hi Daisy and welcome to the site :)

You aren't off the scale but I'd guess you're feeling pretty lousy.

Puberty, pregnancy and menopause are all triggers for thyroid dysfunction because of elevated sex hormones.

Hair loss is a symptom of Graves and is also common after giving birth due to the changing hormone levels.

Avoid overloading your hair with styling products and minimise hi-liting and lightening because your hair may also become a brittle and break until your hormones stabilise.

Graves patients are usually stabilised on Carbimazole for 12/18months then taken off and hopefully will go into remission. If Graves recurs ts back on Carbimazole for another go and then options such as radioactive ablatement (RAI) (not recommended if you develop Thyroid Eye Disease (TED)) or thyroidectomy to be considered although there's no reason not to continue on Carbimazole for several years.

If you're planning another pregnancy it's advisable to switch to Propylthiouracil (PTH) for the first 3 months as it crosses the placenta less readily than Carbimazole.

Chloececilia in reply to Clutter

I know this is an old thread, but it was really helpful for me as I may have Graves or Hashimoto's and I had no idea Graves could go into remission. I'll also be hoping to add to my brood and was really unsure of the implications in pregnancy.

Clutter in reply to Chloececilia

Chloececilia, make sure your GP knows you are planning to conceive as s/he can make sure you are switched to PTU and referred for specialist monitoring as soon as you become pregnant. Good luck :)

Chloececilia in reply to Clutter

Thanks Clutter. I plan to let her know when I decide to come off of contraception. Will maybe let my body rest a bit first, if that's even possible!

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