free from food causing weird reactions

well I'm waiting to be tested for a gluten sensitivity so I decided to try the free from stuff but every time I do my tongue splits and becomes sore and swells. I made cookies with Sr flour gluten free my tongue split couldn't work it out assumed it was the flour so haven't used it since.

but today I brought mayo and I've had a similar reaction swollen tongue split, my face is burning feel really ill read ingredients and it has can xanthan gum like the flour could this really be the culprit?

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Maybe get an anti-histamine tablet from chemist if you're having an allergic reaction. If symptoms calm down quickly something is irritating you.

You need to continue eating gluten daily until your coeliac screen or else it won't register intolerance.

hi yes sorry for not being clear I'm eating wheat but have also been trying out the free from stuff had most reaction from the flour and now it seems the mayo too

If you are allergic, it seems you're not alone...

The gluten free range is hugely over priced! If you need gluten free flour, just buy rice flour (great light and fluffy flour for baking) or coconut flour (heavier) if it says "free from" it's generally just an expensive alternative when a little research will give you normal options at a way lower cost with a lot less sugar and other rubbish added :) free from flour has a long list of ingredients that could be causing a reaction: rice flour's ingredients? Rice.

Thank you for that info. I am Coeliac and still learning about the diet. I had no idea about the xanthan gum.

As far as I am aware I'm not allergic to anything, except work, but I've had a 'split' tongue for years. (Obviously it is not in two but has a fissure down the middle.) I've never learnt why.

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