A few tweeks and you have a very tasty gluten free/veggie stew

As we are all in the mood to share I am sharing my very favourite recipe - all you need to do is change the flour to gluten free flour and your away, I obviously also leave out the bacon being a veggie and make the stock all vegetable but it is still my very favourite recipe - in fact I am going to heat a portion, I pulled out of the freezer earlier, for my tea tonight.


Also a very good site for all sorts and has nearly 400 gluten free choices. The reason I like it is because its just ordinary people giiving others their favourite recipies.


Moggie x

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Thanks, the site is fun, the veggie stew in the photo looks amazing. x

Sorry forgot to say that I never put the sweet potatoes in until there is only an hours cooking time left or they tend to fall apart plus I do substitute peas with green beans most of the time.

Moggie x

Looks good Moggie,what flour do you use,I tend to use cornflour for this sort of thing but results are gloopy.xx

Just a tesco/morrisons/asda's own gluten free flour - works well for me.

Moggie x

Thanks Moggie,I'll give it a go.xx

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