Gluten free Christmas mince pie recipe

I wrote this recipe within another post and Moggie suggested I start a new post with this recipe. So here goes I hope you enjoy them :-)

The following recipe makes 24 mince pies.

Cook for 10-15 mins on gas 6 or 200c

3oz trex

5oz butter

4oz corn flour

4oz rice flour

8oz plain gluten free flour

1teaspoon xanthan gum ( 1tsp per 16oz flour mixture )

Water to bind into soft dough

Mincemeat for filling

Icing sugar to dust

This combination makes the pastry light with shortbread texture but not crumbly or falling apart. They taste like normal mince pies. Even my husband likes them and can't tell the difference!

Merry Christmas everyone x

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  • Oooooooh. Lovely. Merry Xmas. Xx

  • Thank you for the recipe - these sound lovely :-)

  • Hi there

    I live in Australia so I need to ask what is Trex? :-D I know all the other ingredients & your recipe looks gr8 but I have to say the Trex has me stumped

    Merry Christmas & thanks for the recipe

  • This might help.

    Enjoy your mince pies

    Merry Christmas.

    Moggie x

  • Thanks for link Moggie

    I was wondering how to describe "Trex" I love using trex as it give a lighter texture to all pastry. My mum use to use it :-) x

  • Thanks for posting and I hope all our gluten freebies will enjoy your recipe.

    Have a good Christmas

    Moggie x

  • Thankfully my husband can tolerate some gluten and so I can use some 'normal' wheat flour but usually use spelt flour which does not affect his wheat allergy, even though it is a wheat.

    I make my mincemeat (over 20lbs of the stuff); my husband adores mince pies. I use only hard margarine as he is allergic to dairy products. I have never added cornflour, which sounds a good idea as I used to use just gluten-free flour and the pastry would not hang together. I always bind with the yolk of an egg and water and this makes a much richer pastry. (My mother was a renowned cook and this was what she used.)

    I do find making mince pies a faff but bought ones are, to my mind, revolting - too sweet and too much pastry.

    Happy baking!

  • Thanks for the tips - I'm making a gluten fre lasagne at th mment and thats a lot of faffing around to, but well worth it.

    Like you I tend to think gluten free products are horrible and tend to tweek normal recipies ot suit.

    Moggie x

  • Hope your gluten free lasagna was good? I tweek normal recipes to make gluten free substitutes. I can't enthuse enough about the benefit of xanthan gum. It is a gluten substitute without the damaging effects of gluten. :-) x

  • Hi penny

  • Hi penny I have been having trouble with posting on HU. The tech guys are looking into it. I'm trying to see if I don't use paragraphs that all of my reply actually shows. Previously only part of my response actually shows when I use paragraphs!!! I will post this then start again with my response to your reply :-)

  • It worked!!!! :-). Thank you to your reply. I wonder if you have tried using Trex for your husbands allergy to dairy products? ( it is dairy free ) see the great link that Moggie posted above. I've learnt a lot from that link. Also there are loads of recipes using Trex. Another " BIG find " I have found with gluten free pastry/baking/flour recipes is the use of xanthan gum. It replaces the elasticity of gluten and help with the binding of all flour/dry products. I also hate commercial pre prepared foods. They are full of fats and sugars to enhance the taste. I also don't use gluten free flour on its own. I always mix with rice flour/corn flour or mixture of both. Happy baking :-) x

  • Was thinking of using this for Harmony mag! :)

    Can we have permission pls?




  • Hi Louise

    Of course you can use this recipe in the harmony magazine. I would be honoured. 😇

    Thank you


  • I miss our Moggie :(

  • Where has moggie gone?

  • I wish I knew... maybe someone does?

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