worried dogs

worried dogs

posted pics of my dogs 9 months ago when they were behaving oddly and out of character and concerned for me.they are still the same -if not worse.both have been checked by vet and are fine,then saw video on FB of a dog who became a concern to its owner who thought it was becoming sick when in fact it was behaving strangely etc cos it sensed she had cancer and her scans were negative until she had a biopsy.when she was treated the dog perked up again.here is another pic of my Annie -lying on kitchen floor for hours -something she never does

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She needs blood tests to rule out any illness.

both dogs had vet check ups and fine.

their change in behaviour began couple of years ago and wors e in last year.

Annie will be 7 in august.so only middle age and plenty of energy .yesterday ran all around the town walls (boundary) on the beach and round the golf course.only sleeps fro an hour or 2 in the day

There was a programme on TV a couple of years ago about dogs being able to detect certain cancers in their owners, and the smug, dismissive reaction from the Cancer Research representative they interviewed was the reason I stopped any further donations to them. The guy wasn't even willing to consider the organisation looking into it further. But then again, why should we be surprised at this whole 'it's not scientific therefore it's not relevant' attitude from the established medical profession?

Me too I was disgusted by their attitude to what could be a fantastic way to save people's lives by man's best friend. Fancy saying a machine was preferable to a dogs sense of smell despite the machine being rubbish at smelling anything. Good job the bomb disposal and murder detectives don't have cancer tea searches attitude - dogs are amazing at sniffing things out.


I can believe it!!! Had a calico cat that was very in tune with people...could not bare someone crying. If you were ill this kitty would not leave your side, until you were better. Vet said that's a "Healer cat"...

I believe some animals can detect & work with diabetic people, and maybe epilepsy too...They can sense a sezuire coming...and also similar work with diabetic people...Probably articles some where...

There has been research in the USA into cats and dogs sniffing out cancer. I think it was inconclusive but interesting enough for further research.

Anbuma, how old is Annie? Maybe she is slowing down. My dogs will be 12 in Sept and they are both noticeably slowing down although otherwise healthy.

Buster is 12(January)and annie 7 in august.buster beginning to slow down cos muscles in back end/legs but since been on "flexible joint tabs"-a week- marked improvement -walking into and around town every day and running about -cant keep up with him.have to get bus home.

Mine are Jack Russell/Springer cross, so small which seem to fare better than larger breeds. My sister's staffie/GS is 8 but has already had cruciate ligament op.

hi annie is a staffie/gsd cross too.she is staffie size and gsd colouring.her only problem is seasonal allergy.

I thought she was staffie/GSD. They love to sprawl all over the place :-D

Is seasonal allergy hayfever? We thought Bruno had FAD but it turned out to be an allergy to some wild plants in the wild area of the park.

hi clutter.her normal place is sprawled on the sofa belly up or on my bed.rarely in her own bed or on the floor.i have to laugh at buster.if he is on my armchair he wont climb down from it but climbs over the arm onto the sofa (and over Annie lying on it)to get down yet both chairs exactly the same height!!I don't know if its hayfever-it affects her ears and her toes.she constantly scratches her ears and bites her toes.vet gives her steroids and she eats nonstop so buying another product to try wher eshe hopefully wont gain weight from it.

Bruno's affliction started in May/June and was all over his belly. Had to give him auntihistamine otherwise he'd tear himself to pieces. It took 2 years to work out the plant/weed /Park connection.

Annie's started earlier this year cos been so mild.am going to try her on some thing else other than the steroid s from the vets-eating me out of house and home-don't wnat her getting any fatter.still not sure of cause of hers

Are you worried that your dogs are sensing that you or a family member is unwell? It is well documented that some animals can do this but there could be many reasons why they are acting oddly. Why not book a check up at your gp's to rule out any illness? Probably best not to mention your dogs!!

hello Janiebell.are you new on here?reason I ask cos I have been back and forth to drs for getting on 3 years and no diagnoses for same symptoms as many others who are diagnosed cos drs dismiss symptoms only considering unreliable bloods,

Hi anbuma.........readi g yr replay no to me,feel desiccated with your doctor,seems trapped in a port hole in time with no movement........if yr not happy with him,at all doctors surgery s are mangers,ask to see him or her,put a complaint about the doctor,ask to be refuted to an ENT doctor,he can't refuse you, OMG.....to have GPs out there that don't care a dam,on your well Being,

So sorry yr going through so much pain,

Sue 11

thanks sue? dessicated?

Dogs can detect things that we can't and that's an undeniable fact. I wouldn't dismiss the possibility. Even though the number who become 'alert' dogs is very small, there are now dogs working regularly as alert dogs for people with seizure disorders and diabetes etc, and yes, I've heard about the cancer thing which is very interesting. It would be worth talking to your doctor.

However. Dogs can also be very sensitive to your mood and state of health generally and if you are depressed or going through a bad patch physically or emotionally, it can elicit exactly the same kind of 'concerned' behaviour in dogs. One of mine gets very, very upset when someone is angry, to the point where he will vomit. Other dogs like him will get into obsessive behaviours like licking the carpet or sniffing compulsively or circling or biting themselves raw. So don't immediately assume there is something seriously wrong with you - it could even be a simple change in their routine or the neighbours having construction work done. :)

hellol Judy.i completely get where you are coming from but their behaviour is progressing as my conditions worsen-especially in the last year,not depressed-meds keep this at bay tho do have the odd bad day.i have always told gp etc the same story btu his non -diagnoses(?) have changed from being "an age thing" to "IBS" sayign things like "I cant feel anything","wear make up" "your thyroid is down here"."its inflammation" when others have been diagnosed with lupus,hypothyroidism,sjogrens and costochondritis

so what does your GP say is wrong with you? Nothing at all? Or is he treating you for something other than depression? Sounds like its time to get an appt with a different doctor. Or insist on a referral to an endocrinologist if you're convinced you have undiagnosed thyroidism.

If your mood has been frustrated and on the negative side for the past while, the dogs will pick up on that. And may believe that they have done something wrong. The way Annie is lying in your picture looks like an unconfident dog

hello Humphrey, you tone leaves a bit to be desired .the first question should ahve been enough to ask. and the way you say "if im convinced"-I know i have to live with the pain and discomfort etc every day .have already uploaded photos of my neck so can see how swollen it is but will do so again.at first my stomach was "an age thing" which then changed to "IBS" without my saying anything different to him.i have asked for referrals btu so far hes refused despite visible symptoms.no I am fairly content- dogs have been like this at least since august so not picking up on anxiety or such like.annie is far from unconfident.just yesterday she jumped in to the boot of a total strangers car on the golf course.i am sick of people(family)not accepting what I tell them. she has nothing but concern in her eyes.

I am very sorry if my reply came across as being in anything other than a spirit of helpfulness. I was attempting to communicate that your 'conviction' regarding your own health should be respected and should be good enough for your doctor. Obviously I failed to do that and I apologise.

Good luck with your dogs and your own health.

sorry if I misunderstood .I don't know what else to do to get my dr to take me seriously.

Hi Anbuma

So sorry with what youve go and still going through,first,dogs are not stupid,clever in fact,use your own interwision,you know yourself,l had a module removed from my voice box,were they going red blood cells attacking my left thyroid......hashimoto.....but l New something was wrong second time,instant.

People can say this and that,what you take on board,plus what you do with information is up to you,doctors are not always right,not gods,my mum(bless her)always said to me,what they learn from you,actually helps somebody else,of change your doctor ,he needs to be struck off......you would leave a dog in pain......your not living well at all.....just because you don't talk medical turn,he shouldn't be dismive.........l have under active tbyroid/hasimoto.....by what people on here help me to relate to certain things.....(Thank you )......good luck and hope to revive help to feel better soon


thanks sue11.problem is he wont admit hes wrong.i don't know where I would be without forum friends.other people dont understand .they all think the doctors are right.as you say I don't talk medical/clinical .hope my next appointment is more fruitful. intend to tell him exactly what is what and ask him if he knows what lupus and hypothyroidism are.and show him some of my responses(anon of course)

Albums.....it's so easy for people to give apinunon,when there not going through or feeling as you do,fro. My experience ,doctors,are not always right,l feel they are ,are avercry to we're we need to go,my last do tor,as lve just changed to a new GP,my last one,have to laugh now,l actually brought stuff to him,to make him aware of my thyroid condition....how mad is that,your own knowledge of yr condition is your best advantage,read,scout the net for info.....lve been there,but on no foul,as l think doctors know this.....bit of knowledge isn't a bad thing,cos if yr talking about it in laylm terms,they know where yr coming from.....you have to be in control....there not gods.....there their to do a job and that's to see you contain good health,


hi sue if I ve interpreted your post right,i have been showing stuff to my gp for couple of years -btu not all that time -recently a symptoms checklist of thyroid and lupus etc symptoms which match mine.he once said he didn't want me going on the internet .if I want to that's my prerogative especially when they don't give you any answers and to get support and advice from fellow sufferers.feel my care isn't always my gps concern or he would support me with issues re lack of diagnoses from consultants.

woke today with all the same pains etc and thankfully my dog didn't want to go to far this morning -just around local fields.my ankles really achy and painful .got support bandages on tho dont seem much help.

very well said, the dogs perhaps are picking up on the anxiety.

no denvajade I am not anxious.i never show it and dont take anyhtign out on them they have been like this every day fro about a year as each day my symptoms worsen

Hi anbuma I did not mean to suggest you were taking it out on them at all, they are the love of your life, but they know when you feel unwell and pick ups vibes so much more than we humans, I truly understand your situation, I have been having tests for 18 months for extreme conditions but still not really clear whats going on, the doctors probably think " heres a neurotic, but hey like you I an ill". take care

Hi denvajade

Some to.rd doctors can't look outside the box,they treat the condition and not you,lve asked for certain blood test,as lve read up,or read some where about bloods needed doing,instead of TSH etc,l find you have to be forceful and in control,also detrmined for what's right for you


I know soooo frustrating.

I am active on the Macmillan forum and one of the ladies was diagnosed by her pet sheep! Google dolly the miracle sheep! And my own dog gets very protective if my husband slaps my backside (TMI?)??!!!

thanks guys will try to reply individually later on .more case examples to show gp(remain anonymous)

Suggest you get a carbon monoxide detector just to check CO poisoning isn't a factor. The symptoms of mild CO poisoning feel very similar to having an underactive thyroid, and animals succumb much quicker.

have one.!if co poisoning would be dead.

Good that you've got one! I only mentioned it as, several years ago, my own boiler was found to have been poisoning us. This was despite regular 10 month checks and servicing. The levels of CO were not high enough to kill us but sufficient to make me feel unwell. Our cat also became sick, having been acting strangely. He died, though we'll never know whether the CO or simply old age was to blame.

have you tried seeing different doctors in your practise...i went through nearly all at mine until i found one who understood me and finally diagnosed me with hypothyroidism...all the others just kept saying itwas depression etc..wrth a try

hello kizzy .I have seen one other dr.of the other two I am not keen on one and the other is so unprofessional.when I go on 14th taking photos of my neck and face with me.the problem is they don't accept my word.

it is a hard battle..it took me 6yrs toget diagnosed....just so glad i found my current doc ..he is amazing...dont give up...x

check this link out - dog's are a gift.


I can't add anything about your dogs behaviour because I don't really know much about it but I can sympathise with you feeling unwell . I have dogs myself and find them a great comfort which I am sure you do too . I wish you am improvement in your health . x

thank oyu

It's increasingly accepted that dogs can, indeed, sense cancer. It's nothing mystical; research has shown they can identify blood samples from cancer patients vs. healthy controls by scent. Your dogs may be acting strangely because they know something is wrong and are worried about you.

If you are a woman, have you had a Gyn exam and mammogram recently? If a man, have you had a DRE? I don't put much stock in PSA, but if it's greatly elevated it can be meaningful. Have you had a colonoscopy or occult fecal blood test? If you have any suspicious symptoms, have you brought them to the attention of your GP?

hello-not "spoken"to you before. I believe it and know but doctors wont.i am female and had USS at A&E few weeks ago(was last one I had)mammogram was probs a couple of years ago.what is PSA?had colonoscopy but again that was couple of years ago.never heard of occult fetal blood test?back and forth to gp for last 2.5 years not getting answers,rheumatologist dismissed what I told him and went on about diet weight loss and ca125-none of his concern .ENT only said its not sinuses when sinuses not my problem.see why I am losing faith in NHS.so no diagnoses

The prostate specific antigen (PSA) test and the DRE are used to detect prostate enlargement/cancer in men, so you needn't worry about them. The occult fecal blood test detects blood in feces, which can be a sign of colon cancer. I'm in the US; perhaps these aren't used in the UK.

Diabetes and hypoglycemia are other possibilities, as dogs are known to be able to tell when a person's blood sugar is off. IBS might also affect them (although I've never read of that). Reactive hypoglycemia can make you feel rotten, and doctors don't usually even think to run a glucose tolerance test if your fasting glucose and HBA1c are normal, because they're concerned only with hyperglycemia. You might request a 6-hour glucose tolerance test (the 3-hour test is useless to identify hypoglycemia); if you do, don't plan to drive or walk (unless accompanied) home, as you may feel drunk when it's over.

Hello to you, I really sympathise with your NHS issues. Have you considered getting a complete private set of blood tests done? For your own peace of mind I would say it's essential. In addition, find out if locally you have a practice that offers private consultations and book one. Your own GP does not have to know unless you give agreement. I suggest you follow these lines of enquiry. An hour private app can cost about £150, that's what I paid, it was worth every penny. You need to drive this yourself & not be fobbed off. The CA 125 test, an ultrasound of your pelvic floor / ovaries both an internal and external should be done. Then move to complete set thyroid blood tests. I don't know how old you are, or where you live, but I hope you get all this sorted soon. Valerie x


I read somewhere that animals can sense when their owner is ill. I got my dog, Charlie, from a rescue centre nearly 2 years ago to replace my Labrador x, Ti, who had died suddenly. Charlie is very energetic and full of life but I noticed that he kept bleeding at the front of his neck near his collar. They were just 2 tiny bloody marks that I put down to his new collar rubbing but a few months after getting him I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in my right thyroid lobe the exact place where he kept bleeding. After my cancer was surgically removed his neck stopped bleeding. Is it a coincidence? I don't know but I do wonder if he was sent to me for a reason.

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