Hi all, I wonder if anyone could give me some advice. My daughter has a lot of symptoms of hypothyroidism but when had a test in January the test came back normal as 1.91 mu/l.

I am so worried about her, she has been diagnosed with me and fibromyagia a couple of years ago but to me her symptoms are so like mine. She had a baby 2 years ago and has progressively got worse, thinning eyebrows, exhaustion bruising and the list goes on.

She probably doesn't have hypothyroidism with that result then but it's just strange and worrying what's wrong to explain everything. So worried xx

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debsmitch60 TSH test alone isn't much help. She needs FT4, FT3 and thyroid antibodies tested too. She won't get them all done by her GP so why not do a private home fingerprick tests with Blue Horizon or Medichecks? And while doing the thyroid panel, it would be a good idea to get vitamins and minerals tested as well.



Thankyou so much SeasideSuzie for your reply and help. We will definitely look into those private blood tests xx


Your daughter doesn't have primary hypothyroidism but testing TSH only doesn't rule out central hypothyroidism. Perhaps your daughter could do a private thyroid test via thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/testin... Medichecks offer #ThyroidThursday discounts.

Thankyou Clutter for your advice. I don't understand about primary and central hypothyroidism but will certainly look into it xx


Primary hypothyroidism means the thyroid gland is failing and is diagnosed by high TSH. Central hypothyroidism is diagnosed by low-normal TSH with low FT4 and/or FT3. Central hypothyroidism is usually caused by pituitary or hypothalmic dysfunction failing to issue sufficient TSH to stimulate the healthy thyroid gland to produce hormone.

Thank-you Clutter that has explained it perfectly and if she gets a blood test that shows this, will a Nhs doctor treat her do you think?


Yes, although it can be harder to get diagnosed if you have a doctor fixated on Tsh levels as the determinant of hypothyroidism.

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