A bit worried

For the last few weeks I have had a tight feeling in my throat, like someone has their hands round it. I saw the GP who said the thyroid area was tender and to go back on a couple of weeks if it was still an issue. I did speak to her again and she has referred me to an ENT clinic, I need to phone for an appointment in the morning.

I have done what you shouldn't and googled my symptoms. The suggestions range from cancer to it all being in my head.

I am on 100mcg of levothyroxine for under active thyroid. My bloods show T3 and antibiodies are all ok.

Should I be worried and what can I expect from the appointment?

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  • Hi - I have no experience of ENT but thought I would try to help anyway. I get a kind of pressure in the throat area at times, as if there is a lump both in and around my throat.Not sure if that is similar to what you are feeling? It is usually after some sort of bug, cough/sniffles etc and I associate it with my immune system launching another attack and hence my thyroid becoming congested and swollen. This due to the extra activity there from Hashis and the associated infiltration by lymphocytes. It does subside with me but usually takes a couple of weeks. I know you say anti-bodies are ok - what does that mean? One negative doesn't necessarily mean no Hashis as they fluctuate.

    I am not saying you have the same as me, but just trying to illustrate that this can be caused by things much less scary than cancer.

    Good luck

    Gillian xx

  • Your comment about Hashimtos is interesting, I am really bad about asking for actual results, I must be more assertive. Thank you, your other comments also make a lot of sense and have reassured me greatly. I am hoping that by the time I get to the appointment things have settled down on their own

  • That throats concern struck a cord, I always thought the lump I could feel in the back of my thread was Acid reflux and previous osophogitus ( last scan a couple of years ago showed healing) but advised to stay on Omaprazole as I get really bad taste etc

  • Hi Hather,

    Many hypos actually have low stomach acid & digestive enzymes rather than high, though the symptoms can be difficult to differentiate. PPIs like omeprazole can actually make the whole situation worse by reducing nutrient absorption even more, hence prolonging or worsening the hypo symptoms. They can also impair the absorption of thyroid meds if taken too close together.

    I believe the "lump in the throat" feeling is quite common, certainly from comments in this forum. It makes sense if you look at a diagram of where the thyroid is as it sort of straddles the oesophagus so any swelling will be felt as pressure.

    Gillian xx

  • THanks for your reply, I am aware the interaction and my dr told me to discuss the timing with the pharmacist, so I usually take Levo between 5 and 6 am and the Omaprazole,when I remember before lunch..sometimes I don't bother to take it every day,

    I will ask dr if the feeling I get inside my throat could be to do,with the Hypo and not the reflux..not sure they would even know without another endoscopy , last one I lost a tooth.. cost,me over £200 and a new plate as I then only had one tooth left 😊👍..

    Everyone is very kind and helpful,on here , but in my mind I feel I'm in a catch 22 situation ..for an 81 year old lady Inspite of probably needing a second prolapsed bowel repair and a gallbladder with multiple stones , not causing very much trouble I can go out every day locally and feel ok, blood pressure about 119/74/86 and weight about 9 stone..so I feel Drs probably think I'm not too bad....with my late mother voice saying keep away from hospitals !! And she lived to 96 ..so maybe that's why I am scared

    HAther 😊👍


  • Try not to worry about your ENT appointment. Ive had a similar feeling in my throat for about 18 months now and have been to ENT twice about it. Both times I had a camera up the nose to see my throat which doesn't hurt but is a little unpleasant. It is over with quickly though. The first time I was told I had gastric reflux and was prescribed Lansaprazole which I started to take but they gave me diarrhoea and then I read on here about hypo's having low stomach acid. So I took probiotics for a while. The second ENT appointment camera up nose again I was just told my voice box is healthy and they could see nothing wrong. I think mine is due to being undiagnosed and untreated hypothyroid (TSH 6.9 and many symptoms) as since I started self medicating 3 months ago I get the lump less frequently.

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