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Hello girls n boys. :-) im a 32 yr old mum of one who in feb was noticed by my doc (after going in for a bladder infection) he noticed my 'thyroid was enlarged' all thyroid tests came back 'normal' . And he referred me for a ultra sound which showed a nodule right slap bang in the centre of thyroid. Which looking back on photos the bloomin things A been there 2 years! Id just never noticed. FNA biopsy came back as a 3? 1 been non cancerous - 5 been cancer (I didnt ask for anymore info as ill scare self to death ...but my thyroid specialist did say a lot of 3s come back completley benige :-) so anyway... 29th may I have the middle part of thyroid out and results a few weeks later then if anything nasty a TT...oooh..ive got a 3yr old boy n a very ill mum to care for...im scared...ive never had anasectic before and just praying it comes back as not SO nasty. What can I expect days after surgery?

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  • Hi Nervousmum,

    I had a TT in March. I was in hospital overnight a little uncomfortable for 1st 24 hours but no real pain. Main problem was tiredness especially in first 2 weeks. I was also advised not to drive for 2 weeks but this doesn't seem to be a advised to everyone. I think you will need if possible to organise family or friends to help with care of your little one to allow yourself sufficient rest at the beginning. I found it helpful to freeze meals in advance and set up internet shopping for food. Also some of my friends took some of my washing and brought round meals.

    Hope everything goes well for you

    Best wishes

  • Try and see that they leave some of your thyroid in........so you have some natural function..... leave wheat well alone full stop and probably dairy for a while, treat yourself to some you time if you can, a massage, session post-op of acupuncture and when you feel up to it a weekend away....x

  • Thank you yes I think they are planning on just removing the middle part :-) so hopefully the left and right will pull there weight and keep me going. Plans are to keep any work to a minimum and my amazing inlaws have already said they are treating me to a few days away once I get all clear (if I do) xx

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