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I know this may appear a silly question, but for many, many years my Iron, Feritin and folate acid have been well into the lower end

of the range measurments. I am desperate to start taking NDT, but, due to 'these' levels being low I dare not risk taking this medicine as it wont work. *I am at the moment taking prescirbed 322mg Ferous Fumarate one per day.* My levels are still low, but in the range!!

I am quite concerned that my blood tests (in relation to underactive thyroid treatment) will never reach a suitable level. * I am also deficient in B12 (I have injections for those every 2 months).

* I need to get my Iron, Feritin and folate acid higher before I start taking NDT. How do I do that? Can anybody firstly, tell me if I may need other treatment?, Or, is it just simply a case of taking more Ferrous Fumarate? which do constipate me....



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If you take enough vitamin c, you won't get constipation. And it helps with the absorption of iron too.


I believe u can start on NDT or T3 as long as u are supplementing and trying to get yr levels up.


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