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Dhea and adrenal support

Supplements taking daily

2x co-enzyme Q10 -30mg

2x vit c 1000mg /with bioflavonoids and rose hip

1x 140mg nutri thyroid (thyroid gland concentrate, hormone free

1x pure grade Vit b12 100ug

1x nutra adrenal xtra, high potency adrenal concentrate with synergistic support

1x ISO d3 Vit d3 with isoflavones

Before taking all of the above, struggled to get through the day, wanting to falling asleep mid afternoon even after sleeping all night,

Been taking the above for the past 3 months? Or so, have improved but still feel as though thing could be better.

Would taking Dhea be any good and what would I replace it for, or add to the above

Any opinions appreciated


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You don't say what your Thyroid treatment is....maybe some results with ranges could help us to be more helpful :-)


Went and saw Dr P. , adrenals not working properly and possible thyroid issues.

Latest results are from hostpital 04/2014



Tsh 2.67mU/l (0.27-4.20)

Free t4 14.8 pmol/L (12.0- 23.0)

Thyroid antibodies

Thyroid TPO. Ab's 16. IU/ml. (0-70)

Above results after taking previous mentioned list of supplement's

Maybe this will help you!


Maybe time to check your B12 - when low it can mimic low thyroid. Also check out Iron - Folate - Ferrtin - VitD. All need to be high in their ranges.

Your results do look fine - FT4 good be higher - so perhaps sorting your vits and minerals will help.


Thanks Marz, will look at the results again and see, but all the other results are mid range


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