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Very confused about thyroid

Hi I was diagnosed with under active thyroid 10 days ago , the doctor was not very helpful and just gave me my script and said blood test in 3 months time!!! How long does it take for the meds to work ? I'm struggling with working full time, running a busy house with 2 teenagers and hubby , in bed by 7 every night and often asleep by 8 pm , tonight is a rarity for me as it's 9.30 pm , head all over the place and I can't hold onto information and it's like my brain is just a foggy mess , aches and pains and reAlly depressed , put on 3 stone and now over eating as do depressed and down , when will I feel like me again ??? Any help would be most helpful as I feel I just can't go on x

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Oh wow feel for you I know the feeling ive had underactive thyroid for 8 years and been on thyroxine ever since everybody is different with me took a few weeks before I started feeling a bit better and losing weight again, alls I can say is try to stay calm and try a low fat diet it will help, good luck.


3 months is far to long to wait for further blood tests, I was told to come back in 6-8 weeks. How much has he started you on? Always get copies of blood test from the surgery and post them on here. Has he given you any indication as to your TSH and T4? Usually a doctor will increase medication after 6 weeks if need be. You have come to the right place, but we need to know more about what he has given you and how much, before we can comment.

There are other things that need to be checked like iron levels, b12 vitamin d, all these need to be optimal for our thyroid medication to be effective. Problems with the gut like Celiac Disease or Candida can effect our thyroids, all need to be ruled out. Also stress can have a negative effect, like too much cortisol or not enough in some cases.

It can take 6 weeks before you might start to feel better. Hopefully once your medication is optimal you will be a different person. Knowledge is power, so learn as much as you can (when you feel up to it) about the thyroid. There are some good books and plenty of info from this sight, so keep us posted!

Good luck!


Hi thank you for your reply, the doc just printed off some information on thyroid and gave it to me . I was so relived that a diagnosis to how I was feeling had been given that I just cried , he didn't offer any other support , it's only now when reading every one else's questions that I realise I should have asked a lot more . I'm going to get another app with another doc this week as I am just feeling exhausted and so emotional , I can't stop crying today and I have been shouting at my husband and daughter , I just feel like everyday jobs that I would just do are becoming more and more difficult , I hate feeling like this as this isn't me , will find out what my counts were and post them , many thanks x


This is what Moggie had to say about "Thyroid and family units"


Yes. be prepared for a rocky road. It does take time to sort and it can't really be speeded up as it takes our bodies time to adjust to each dose but hopefully you will see some improvement within six weeks. I'm now feeling much better getting vitamins and minerals up to an optimum level but I would ask your GP to test your levels of folate, ferritin B12 and D3 rather than just pick up something off the shelf to take. Its useful to know if these are a problem as to absorb your thyroid meds properly use need those things if low. Post those results as well with ranges. Ranges are very important as they differ in different labs. So yes a lot to do and look at but one step at a time to see where the problems lie. If you keep reading posts on here you will also learn a lot as they cover many aspects. Good luck. I hope you soon start feeling a lite better then its onward and upward!


You should certainly have had a blood test about 6 weeks after your initial dose with an increase. Always get a copy of your thyroid gland blood tests for your own records. It takes time to recover - 1 pill is not the solution. We have to read and learn as many GP's are not trained in clinical symptom and believe the TSH tells them the diagnosis not listening to the patient. Problems with the thyroid gland affect your whole system and we have a myriad of symptoms to cope with.

If you haven't also had a Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate ask for these to be done.

Make a request for a new blood test and an appointment with your GP a few days later to discuss the results.

This is a link and there are other topics which you may find helpful.


The other replies are bang on.

I'll just add that, if you haven't already done this, then do get the family onside right away. Mum/wife is ILL. You need help with chores, and patience from all concerned. Your end of this deal is to count to 10 before exploding. Thyroid rage is a well-known side effect. Address the problem of your thyroid as a family.

Take someone with you, if you possibly can, when you go for your next doc's appointment. And a list of things you want to ask. Not only will having someone with you help you to get through the list, but that someone will also know the state of play between you, your thyroid and the medical profession.

I hope the meds kick in real soon for you. Feel better :o)

PS I've just come across this posting on another question thread - you might find it useful


Thank you for your support , off to doctors today


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