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Under medicated ??

Currently on 50mg Levo and 20mg T3 for 3 months

Feel 30% better than when I was on T4 (100mg) only

Main issue Aching joints, fatigue and itching face

On 50mg Testoterone (level was just below range) which helps in the morning

On statins (2 months without had no effect on symptoms)

TSH – 2.2 (0.3 - 4.5).

FT4 – 8 (9 – 23)

FT3 – 4.8 (3.5 – 6.5)

All others B12 ferritin etc in mid range or better

Off to see my endo in a couple of weeks time

I feel very under-medicated (not sure how I feel this)??

Should my T3 or T4 be increased

My levels when on T4 (100mg) were

TSH – 4.2 (0.3 – 4.5).

FT4 – 14 (9 – 23)

As I increased T4 all my symptoms got worse

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Some people, incl me, need v low or suppressed tsh to feel half decent.


Thanks for your reply


I would say with this tsh/ft3, if you feel undermedicated you are undermedicated. Your tsh is too high and t3 too low. (Tsh is only one part of the puzzle and if you felt well I'd say good luck to you, but as you feel ill, it seems clear you're not on enough meds.)

Try to get your tsh below 1 and see if you feel better. As Bluedaffodil says, some people need it.


I have struggled to get my TSH down when I was on T4 only. Hopefully with T3 I will be able to tolerate more medication. Thx


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