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You have to smile!


Just a little story which everyone will identify with...

The kidney folk at the hospital want me to have a weekly blood test to keep an eye on things until I go back in for removal of stone#2, so I toddled off this morning to see the practice nurse to get this weeks' done. 5 - yes,5, attempts later I'd just about managed to begrudgingly surrender what looked like 1/2 a teaspoon. She was mortified,though she knows all too well that sometimes my veins just won't cooperate. Good job we're inured to blood tests! That leaves next week to ponder upon...

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hi there mumcat , ....I normally tell them that if they have a problem ' just cut the damn throat ' ---- then they should get enough [ normally through gritted teeth ]----- or alternatively ,whilst grabbing a soft spot stating ' now WE are not going to hurt each other ARE WE ' works for me ......alan xx

Does the nurse tell you to "pump your fist"? I give blood very reluctantly but now I start pumping the minute my name is called and it helps so much. Hope next week is better.

Thanks for the replies - I did suggest that I ought to get a scalpel and do the wrists,but she declined very graciously. Having had18 months living in what was then called "the Far East" when I was only 7, I got used to needles at an early age.I had a pituitary adenoma diagnosed at 17 I also have a very long history of blood tests...I always say that if I was stopped and examined by the Police they'd think I was a right junkie (though given that I have to take over 40 tablets a day, I suppose I am!) from the scars on my arms. Ho hum...

When reading our practice website a while ago I was surprised to see that they took blood from the back of the hand for children. Why can they not do that for adults too? Might be easier for adults who find it difficult to part with their blood.

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