one small victory

hi all want to start by saying a great big thanks to this site

if it wasn't for use i would never have stood up to my surgery should explain i go Under-active thyroid , Pernicious Anaemia,Chronic Iron Deficiency ferritin levels currently at 7 so after reading on this site now it not enough to help my thyroid hair falling out no eyebrows skin a mess so tired but my mind away again went for my 8wk vb12 jag to witch my doc agreed to give me for the last yr and it has help with the pains in my leg i had before i up my jag just to be told by nurse that all the doc got together ans said all on vitiam b 12 injections were to go back to the three monthly dose to save money to say i seen red was undersatment told her they have a duty of care for me and it was not to keep me ill then said i was not leaving surgery till some or me spook to my doc the receptionist is great and she nip in to see him while i waited and he agreed that i was a person not a number and i have to continue with my 8 wkly injection i have never had the nerve to stand up to any one before i joined here as i always though that doctors know what there talking about so THANK YOU

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  • Well done you! As you so rightly say,we are not just numbers and we have the right to expect our medical carers to react to us as such. If everyone had your courage to stand up properly to apathy we'd have a better world. All the best.

  • Well done. :-)

  • well done you , you have found that ALL the good help and empathy and advice on this --OUR-- site is invaluable and really does empower us to try to get the correct [ish] treatment ......way to go girl keep up keeping it up !!!!! .....alan xxx

  • I am glad you stuck to your guns. I think the injection costs around 60p - someone will correct if I'm wrong.

    I am also glad you are feeling so much better.

  • Mine won't even test me for b12

    Even although when I asked for d and ferritin I was deficient . I don't particularly want b12 injections but would be good to get to the bottom of aches and pains :)

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