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Tired, and intermittent double vision

Feeling exhausted.

Had blood tests on NHS all "within range"

Seen Dr P.

Dr P. Confirmed that I have low adrenal and thyroid problems,

Now on

Coenzyme Q10, 30mg x2

Vit. c 1000 x2'

Nutri adrenal extra x1,

Nutri thyroid x2'

(self medicating 5mcg T3)

Temp in the morning first thing in the morning is between 35.9 to 36.1.

Bp 104/62 to 110/72 laying down, standing up109/63 to 134/72

Pulse laying down 56 to 63. Standing up 70 to 82

All the above has been taken over 1 week

Since taking the above, vision has been a problem, going in and out of double vision, and not sleeping properly.

Any views, any one?

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I found that Nutri Adrenal did not agree with me. Might be worth giving that a miss and see how you feel without it?


Hello Tango1,

That seems such a high dose of Thyroid medication to be starting on, T3 is much stronger than Levo, so that with the Nutri thyroid your taking seems alot to be starting with.

Your best bet might b to ask Dr P.

Best wishes


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