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Is my almost wall to wall double vision a cause for concern?

Hi Everyone,

When my dose was increased by Dr S in September my occasional double vision disappeared. Since my dose was cut in January by 25mcg it immediately came back. Of course I increased the Levo back, but have since gradually reduced to 150mcg Levo and have added 2 grains of Armour. Still have dry skin etc etc, but that is just starting to improve. No signs of over medication at all.

I reduced my dose of levo originally from 200mcg to 150mcg.

The letters appear with a shadow under, writing on the pc seems to make it worse.

Thanks for your help. XX

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Certainly my vision was significantly affected by low thyroid hormone levels.

I got monocular diplopia - but only very intermittently and very little real impact. If I looked at a bird in the sky, I would see two of them - one up and to the left a little of the other one.

Type was also sometimes a little blurry. Mostly, I feel, poor focussing, floaters, etc., but sometimes a worsening of my usual astigmatism.

So, while you seem to be on quite a high dose, I do agree that inadequate thyroid hormone causes eyesight issues.



Thanks for this info Rod. A lot of the time it's like going around with the wrong prescription glasses. I had an eye test in December and everything looked ok. If it comes on when I'm driving it can get scary, one white line becomes two, and road signs are hard to read. I usually drive home if at all possible.

The evening is worse, it's hard now to see the letters on my keyboard.

I think I have absorption and adrenal issues. I have the testing kit for the Adrenal Stress Profile but I've been in excruciating pain all this week and I was worried this would mess up my cortisol levels.

I've read somewhere that Armour has caused blurred vision with the new formula??

As I've been largely unresponsive to treatment, Dr S wants me on T3.



You could ask to be referred to the eye department at the hospital. The pupil is dilated which means that the doc can have a really good look around. I know that Graves disease can cause doulble vision, so wondering if the fluctuation in thyroxine could have the same effect? Or perhaps being tired affects the muscles needed to focus.

I'm assuming you've done the one eye/ other eye test to check that one is not blurred. I have a cataract in one eye so frequently do it lol. In spite of not being able to see what I'm typing with my bad eye I manage OK, although have some double vision when tired. My brain usually filters out the bad eye.

I seriously would at least go to your GP or an optician. I use Boots because they were the first to take a photo of the back of your eye which shows the health of your retina. It is slightly more expensive but your sight is precious.


Talking to myself... Just to add that the cataract is unlikely to be connected to hypothyroidism: in one eye for one thing and normal aging in the other ie tiny cataract not visible unless the pupil is dilated and not affecting vision I didn't want to worry anyone. If it was due to systemic disease I would imagine both eyes would be similar. Cataracts are common in 65 plus people with no health problems.


It's strange that the double vision came on so quickly with the cut in meds. As I'm now increasing meds I thought it would go.

My left eye seems worse than my right. I hate going to the doctors I usually avoid it all costs. But as it's been quite a few weeks now maybe I should get it checked out. Trouble is doc seems to know very little about thyroid symptoms.

I'll bear in mind cataracts I'm 56, so getting there!

Thanks for your thoughts lillput. X


I have double vision. A prism built into the lens of glasses can help with focus. My double

vision has gotten progressively worse and the degree of prism is so high that the glasses

are heavy. So now I have an Occlusal Contact Lens in my left eye to block light, and I wear

glasses as well!


Poor you! What do you think caused your double vision? I went to the optician only in December, he didn't notice anything untoward.

How do you get on with your glasses? Do they make you feel dizzy?

Thanks for answering wobblybee.


I had Iritis, often mistaken for Conjunctivitis at onset. I don't know what caused it.

Due to agonising pain in my eye, I went to Casualty where Iritis was diagnosed.

This condition can usually be sorted out with a combination of eye drops, mine

was left too long (due to GP) and I'm left with permanent damage, double vision.

My optician prescibed the prism, this was upgraded time after time until he could

no longer deal with it, and referred me back to the hospital. They gave me a

'stick on' prism in addition to what I had. I have Nystagmus (bouncing eyes), I

feel my eyes are at loggerheads with the fixed prism and make me disorientated

and balance worse (ataxia). So, now I'm wearing a contact lens in the problem

eye to block light (no double vision) and my current glasses. I'll get new glasses

when everythings' on an even keel. I've also been offered Botox at the hospital,

to be injected into the eye muscle, it helps with double vision.

I'm so sorry this is longwinded, I just tried to cover all the bases in case any of

this is useful to you.




I've had some eye pain and I know how horrible this can be. You've had to go through a lot of treatment. Why am I not surprised your G.P's inaction caused permanent damage?

Do you think you'll go with the botox?

I really hope you find something that really helps you.

Best wishes,



Hi Helen,

I hope you get sorted with the double vision. At the moment I am definitely

considering the Botox. The Consultant does this procedure quite regularly.

Surgery is considered too invasive because I've had Iritis in both eyes and

interference could make my situation worse. I'm very lucky that my strong

right eye was not the worst affected!

My hospital appointment is in early May, I'm apprehensive as you can

imagine but determined to stay positive!




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