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Now have blood test results please can someone explain them -

I have results from March 14 & last Oct/Nov - my last post referred to throbbing in legs/arms can anyone see a connection ? seems to me TSH has reduced considerably (I take 125mg levo)

TSH 0.89mlU/L. (0.03-3.94) - Mar 14

TSH. 2.67mlU/L (0.3-3.94) - Nov13

TSH 1.06mlU/L. (0.3-3.94). -Oct 13

Vit D 44 nmol/L - Oct 13

States 25-50 nmol/L - Insufficient , secondary hyperparathyroidism (what does this mean?)

I have taken 800 Vit D since this test - but haven't had another one since then.

B12 510ng/L (191-663.0). - Oct 13

Ferritin 77ug/L. (13-150.0). - Oct 13

Folate. 5.6ug/L. (4.6-18.7). - Oct 13

Only other one that seems to be above range is

Erthorocyte Sedimentation rate. 22mm/hr. (1.0-15)

But I have been told this is due to arthritis/fibromyalgia ??

I do have arthritis on my knees/hip & am waiting for surgery -

I know perhaps I should ask for another text for Vitiamins etc., but not due to see dr till end of April & throbbing in limbs & back pain etc is getting me down - so was wondering if anyone can advise what I can do myself until then

Many thanks

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Someone will comment on your blood tess.

This is info re fibromyalgia:-


and proper use of thyroid medication



The information regarding your proper use of thyroid medication reference is 6 years old...is there a more up to date reference source?


I think it still stands today. Dr Lowe died two years ago and it was his site.


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