Hi its me again ... got my lasted blood test and my t4 has gone to 22.5 range 10.50.20

t3 7.05 range 3.59-6.00..tsh 0.00 they tried to tell

me it was fine so i complained and then they said yes your over active??? confused ? still no treatment only beta blockers .. very very confused and do beteblockers have bad side effects ..I am starting not to trust mt doctors which is very bad

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  • I just cant understand what on earth your doctors are waiting for! They have noe said you are overactive so you need to start on treatment to slow down your thyroid production_usually carbimazole _and referring to an endocrinologist.I didn't have any problem with betablockers they made me feel bit better.They only mask the symptoms though they dont treat the condition. An endo needsvto find out what is causing you to be overactive in the first place, The most common cause is Graves disease which I have.If an overactive thyroid is not treated it can be very dangerous. Go back to your doctors and ask for a referral to an endo.

  • I am going back tomorrow p1pp1ns .. my aunt has lupus she has had it for 30 years my daughter has graves I told the doc this he just looked me and said ok i do blood test for graves but it will come back neg .. he wants advise about treating me he said .. wow i feel so alone ill and confused ..you have helped me once again thank you x

  • He wants advice omg! Give him this advice.Send this lady for an urgent endo appointment!

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxx crying so confused but your words help so much xx

  • GP's cannot treat you for Graves, you need to be referred to an Endocrinologist, it is not a simple disorder. Ask for a referral and if he wont, see another GP!

  • Hi Wendy. OMG im gobsmacked by your strory! I totally agree with silver fairy that you need to see an Endo asap regarding correct treatment and management. What concerns me though, is that at some stage, your management could be handed over to your own GP when you become stable. Again, i agree with silver fairy by changing your GP in readiness for this? I too am getting a little paranoid about doctors, but after reading your story, I have nothing to worry about. Rooting for you. Lynne x

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