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Doctor thinks my problem may lie further back i.e hypothalamus/pituitary gland. What could this be?

Went back to see my doctor today about the blood tests I had done (just TSH and cortisol mainly). I had previously taken in some results I had done privately from Genova which showed I had adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism.

He has forwarded my results to an endocrinologist, and ask for their advice, but he thinks that they will want more tests to be run (he didn't say what tests specifically). He said he couldn't ask for these tests himself, as they are expensive (and probably because the TSH and cortisol tests came back 'normal' he wouldn't be allowed), but he may be able to do them if the endo suggests they need to be done, or I may just be referred and then they do them.

Whichever - he strongly suspects it's not just the thyroid or adrenals but something further back like the Hypothalamus or Pituitary gland not getting messages across properly. This would make sense actually, as I do have menstrual issues too - not just thyroid and adrenals.

Does anybody know what the problem might be? And what tests they are likely to run to check these glands?

I should have asked what tests they might want to do. Why do you always think of things you want to ask afterwards?! Doh!

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I ran across this article which may help explain:


I would like to know more about this too!


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