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As anyone used the amazon gluten tests and thyroid tests

Looking on amazon as anyone tried their tests for coeliac , gluten and thyroid also their thyroid tablets to help boost the thyroid just wondering if anyone had the results they thought they where. Was looking into testing kids before having proper bloods done as don.t want to put them through bloods for nothing.

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I'm sorry you haven't had a answer - I hope someone with relevant experience will pick it up form the newsfeed.

I have recently bought cheap Iron and Thyroid test kits - just to check them out. I have tried NutriThyroid supplements - but it didn't really work for me as I was unmedicated.

Jane :D


Before I was diagnosed with coeliac diease I felt really annoyed as my GP didn't know what was wrong with me, so I bought a test kit from amazon. My test kit came back negative and from speaking to other people they are not very accurate. Please save your money! I know its hard especially when children are involved but its best to get the correct diagnosis. ......hope everyone feels better soon xx


Thank you i won.t bother then


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