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Skin, wrinkles, soy isoflavones and the thyroid!


Alongside all the other delightful thyroid associated issues, my skin is definitely prematurely and noticeably pretty lined. I'm only 44 and know people in their 60s with fewer lines! I know it's partly down to skin type, but can the thyroid play a role in this? Will being on T3 help?

My main question is this: when I look at supplements for helping skin stay a bit more youthful looking, they seem to all have soya or soy isoflavones in them. I keep reading how soya can affect the absorption of thyroid medication, does this include T3?

Has anyone any recommendations for supplements etc?

I've seen quite a lot of other people with thyroid issues who don't seem to have more lines than they should so maybe this only affects a few people. This may sound a bit superficial, and I don't mind getting and looking older, but I don't want to look older than I actually am!


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Soy is indeed a problem. It can reduce ability to absorb thyroid hormones from the gut. Most research seems to have focussed on T4 but I would be very surprised if it did not also affect T3.

Some soy products also have high levels of iodine.

Soy impairs the action of thyroperoxidase.

It is not straightforward.


And don't forget the importance of vitamin D to skin (and the rest ...)


I think that if you have an underactive thyroid, which affects every part of our bodies, it also affects the skin. It becomes sluggish and doesn't rid itself of dead cells.

I have definitely noticed that since my medication is getting almost right, my skin is almost glowing (comments by other people). I dont; think I look grey and sallow now.


Hi Dee,

How about trying a collagen supplement? I don't usually recommend products, but having tried them myself I was pleasantly surprised with the results.My skin appeared plumper, the fine lines around my eyes softened and my skin felt more moisturised. I also use facial oils which can be applied before regular moisturisers. I am on T3 only, but can't say this has kept the wrinkles or dry skin at bay. I am noticing signs of aging all the time, and I'm only 41 !!!

Regards Joan


I have wondered about trying collagen. Would you mind letting me know which brand you use? And which facial oils?

Thank you.


Other things cause wrinkles too, inc smoking, poor nutrition and sun damage. I am a vegan and eat/drink loads of soy, i cant say in all honesty that i think it causes a major prob, my cholesterol is lower, and as i have multiple autoimmune syndrome - i believe my diet has reduced inflammation. But i also eat loads of seaweed too, another thing you're meant to be careful about if you have thyroid probs. I dont know, maybe i,m lucky or maybe you dont have to worry about eating or not eating this and that. I just do what i want!!


Hi Dee,

I've tried Troo Healthcare Collagen.They're available on Amazon and are reasonably priced compared to some of the other brands.Regarding facial oils, I switch all the time. Trilogy Rosehip oil is good or any good quality vitamin E oil. Naturisimo have some good ones, but they are rather pricey.Try upping your water intake too, and increasing the green veggies. Good luck. Aging sucks. Hypo or not!!!


Have you ever tried Nerium? I'm 25 and a mother of two beautiful girls. From hardly ever wearing sun glasses and squinting I gave myself more wrinkles than most ppl my age have to deal with. A friend told me about Nerium and the results are life changing. Let me know if you want more information would be happy to share!


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