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Hi all I had some bloods done today to check my thyroid and other things in general. I have been getting strange symptoms for a few months now and someone suggested it could be thyroid. I lost a lot of hair but the new hair that is regrowing is coming back v wiry and brittle and strange texture. I also have a lot of dry peeling skin around my ears. I have pain in the area of my liver sometimes. For several months I had eye issues where as the day goes on they get worse so watering and itchy and sore - the optician says the only issue is that the tears evaporate v quickly but couldn't see other issues. I have recently developed quite bad joint pain around my right elbow but as I do a lot of weight training and I am an athlete it could be slightly injured. Similar with my hip have some pain there. I gained a tiny bit of weight but put this down to eating a lot of carbs lately more than normal. I would say I get heart racing quite a bit nothing traumatic. I go a little dizzy from time to time. My feet are always freezing cold! I could go on with mild symptoms but the worse are the hair and the eyes and joint pain. While I wait for the results of my bloods does this sound familiar to anyone suffering with a thyroid issue. All discussion would be so much appreciated as I am quite anxious about it.

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  • I have Hashimoto's, was just diagnosed but have been hypo for 25 years. Hair loss is common, fatigue, weight gain, and odd pains, I have had the heart palpitations and pounding heart, sweating, breathlessness, sore muscles, and the dry eyes that sometimes tear up and turn red for no apparent reason. I've had weird skin problems too😨. Anxiety, depression, and insomnia have made my life miserable at times. Dizziness has been another symptom. I could go on and on. Thankfully I seem to be feeling better with the new medication my endo has started me on, a combination of T3 and T4. I am also very sensitive to the nightshades, especially hot peppers, which cause joint pains. I hope you can get some help from your doctor. Many of them don't do much as I now know, having suffered all these years. There are some good books available and lots of info online. I have learned a lot on this forum. Good luck!

  • Terribacon76 - you wrote you had sweating as a hypothyroidism symptom; did you have it randomly or was it exercise-related crazy-excessive sweating? (like I experienced)

  • Yes, when I would work out (cardio) I would get very hot and if I didn't have the fan blowing on me I would be drenched with sweat. My hair is quite thick and it would get soaked in the back. I always thought it was normal but after reading posts hear I know it is not!

    I have not worked out in awhile for several reasons, mainly that I came down with a bad cold/ear infection and have been ill for 4 weeks! But I will get back to the gym eventually. Seems that excessive exercise is really not the best thing for thyroid patients, as I have learned, so I am going to tone it down.

  • Thanks for the reply :)

    I was asking because I had that too, and like you, thought it was "just my normal". And now I can connect the dots when on hormonal medication; voila no more of that kind of sweating. Which is a good thing.

    Usually hypo people experience minimal sweating if any, so your experience caught my eye :)

  • Yes exactly I can be at work and everyone around me is cold and I am sweating and hot yet feet are cold!! Weirdly I don't sweat much in the gym! I can't work it out

  • Sounds similar symptoms - it's going to be a long week waiting for the results... I hope you are feeling better

  • When you get your results ask the doctor for a copy and post here in a new question for advice.

    Jo xx

  • Thanks for that advice I will do that

    I hope the tests they have done which are just general blood test including thyroid function are adequate


  • Just fyi, at my surgery thyroid results usually come back quickly, so it may not take a full week (though I understand different labs are different). Might be worth checking a little early if you're feeling anxious.

    If they don't do all the tests they said they would your surgery can ring the lab and discuss. They save the blood for a week I think, so it is there to test.

  • Thank you for that info I am going to call Friday on the off chance

  • No harm done eh? If they're not there you can always ring again Mon. :-)

  • Well that was uneventful they said my thyroid is normal but they only tested TSH and that is 4.12 so I have no idea about t3 or t4 ?? I am convinced it's an issue but the test seemed very basic

    Advice welcomed

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