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Collection Boxes Now Live!


Following on from Wightmouse's idea of collecting change in a jar, TUK have finally gotten around to putting the collection boxes up on the website! :)

Collection boxes at home

Your small change can make a big difference. Instead of losing it down the back of the sofa or car seat, why not empty your pockets into our collection box!

Collection boxes at work

• Please provide your organisation's address, and not your home address.

• If you know of a business where you'd like to see a collection box placed, please ask an employee to complete

the request form.

Alan Gardner is currently charging the men painting his house 50p donation per day for their tea and coffee! It would be great if people could share any other ideas that they have for filling their jar or box! :)

Thank you for your support! :)



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So happy the idea has gained momentum, Alan certainly has took it to another level. He made me laugh!


Alan comes up with very good ideas for raising funds.

LouiseRoberts in reply to shaws

Indeed! :) x

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