When I get my thyroid checked at drs all I'm told is that it is oK. How can I be sure of the results? I have autoimmune under active thyroid

I am having pains in body, cognitive impairment, headaches. All The usual symptoms of underactive and thyroid. I also have b12 problems, both of which I want to make sure that although the levels in my blood may well be in range but are The medications getting to the tissues and being effective. Fed up of always feeling I'll. Got a tens machine today from pain management clinic which is great but still not addressing the causes?x

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  • Hiya. The first step would be to get your test results and ranges and post them here so others can comment on whether or not it looks like you're being adequately treated.

    Pain management/TENS may be helpful but if your pain is coming from being undertreated it's bonkers to keep you on too little medicine and treat your pain like it's a separate thing.

    Have you had your vit d tested? That can cause joint/bone pain. xx

  • I agree with PB - we need the results before we can help. You may well have a conversion problem - as is often the case with Hashimotos. How are you treating the Low B12 ? Do you have gut issues ? Perhaps going gluten free ?

    These are the tests ( results ) that are needed.....TSH FT4 FT3 Iron - Folate - Ferritin - B12 - VitD - and all need to be high in their ranges for good conversion.

    Low B12 can also cause pains in the body....


  • Thanks also Marz, I used to have injections but haven't had any for around 3 years and I've been taking B supplements. I am worried that the b12 levels they detect from the blood test may be skewing the results as in being high but not active?

  • They will skew the results. You need to be off supplements for almost a month I believe. Also the test is not good as it contains both bound and unbound B12. Only 20% of your result in the blood will reach the cells. If you have had problems in the past - why have they been neglected ? Have you read the website ?

  • Thanks punctured bicycle (we do pick some funny names). I am going to see if I can get them from the receptionist tomorrow. I am sat here with the tens on and I am pleasantly surprised by the sensation. I will post the results as I know there are some very knowledgeable people out there.x

  • If the receptionist won't give you your results as her to ask the doctor if he would print them off. They are your results and you are entitled to them.

  • i have the same problems aches pains and dull mind

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