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Sick and tired of not enough energy, so thinking of buying NDT


Anyone know where I can buy it from ? I have'nt got the money to go to a private doctor

Thanks Tan x

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Omg this is virtually exactly what I was thinking earlier. I was close to doing a post (but I have to work on getting my iron and vit b12 back up first).

I just want some more of my life back! I have got my B12 right up but whatever I do I cannot get my ferritin level up x

Yes, I know how you feel. :-) x

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apparently taking vit C with your iron helps absorption (sorry not tried it as my iron is quite high) and low vit D may be underlying. Have you tried glandulars to see how you react to them first?

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Sorry to be dense - what are 'glandulars'?

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natural supplements like Nutri Thyroid and Nutri Adrenal, they are non-prescription & some use them to complement Levo.

Here's a quick search on glandular posts & discussions....

Really your doctor should test for deficiencies first if Levo is not helping, before you even consider taking any supplements J

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If you know these levels, presumably you have some kind of dialogue with your doctor? Encourage him/her to help you with your iron levels. And there is a broader panel of vitamins which need to be in good order before trying NDT. As someone else has said Vitamin D is one. I'm not sure if this is what Jane meant by 'glandulars', but your Adrenal glands need to be in good shape too, otherwise NDT will probably not work well. It didn't for me until I attended to these things. I will PM you a couple of NDT suppliers. You're quite right - you have to prepare your system for this stuff. In a way that you don't for Levo. And it is not a given that it will give you back your energy. Using NDT enables me to sleep, which is why I use it. Recently I've been having a couple of good days in a week sometimes - and then a crash. One downside is that I get some palpitations which I am not so keen on. But the sleep .... ah, the sleep.

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Hi Humphrey,

Could you PM me those NDT suppliers and whether they do T3 also?

I need extra T3 as I've been taking a little more than prescribed (15mcg vs. 10mcg) so will run out ahead of my repeat prescription, and the NDT is because I'd like to try it in place of the 125mcg Levo + the T3 I'm currently on - for the same reasons as posted here RE: energy levels, as I like to participate in many sports and have been struggling in this regard.



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PM follows. Do note - as I say in my post above - that NDT isn't (in my experience) a magic bullet, and that you need to prepare your system for it. You may find it harder to slide across from Levo to NDT than you expect. Good luck.


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Thanks, Jane.


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I've been fighting my doctors for years, trying to get my thyroid back on track, trying to get enough thyroxine to function properly, and mostly it has been a losing battle. Sometime in February I saw an advert on Facebook explaining that for many people the problem is an iodine deficiency. I followed up and started iodine/iodide supplement and have been taking them for 5 weeks now. The difference is phenomenal. I am like a new woman. All my friends have noticed the difference and commented on it. I do know you have to be careful with iodine, and it doesn't work for everyone but for me it is like a miracle - I'm normal again.

were you tested for low iodine?

No! but I had all the symptoms and I can't even get to see my doctor without an incredible fuss so I decided I'd had enough, and just tried it out. I know enough to know the possible problems and avoid them.

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