Does anybody suffer with throbbing in arms/legs/feet & really achy muscles all over ?

I've had hypothyroidism & fibromyalgia for 13yrs & take 125mg levo. I seem to go through stages when my muscles are really painful & I get awful throbbing all over/heavy headaches. I was wondering if perhaps my dosage of levo caused this (too much/too low) - had blood test last week which was ok (although I don't have results to give yet). In the last 9 months I've also had 4 nocturnal seizures so also take Epilim 300mg daily since Nov - so I'm not sure if this is a thyroid or seizure medication problem. However the on/off throbbing problem was there before the seizures - can anybody associate with these horrible uncomfortable symptoms particularly worse at night ? Thank you

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  • It will be interesting to see the results of your most recent blood tests results. I think you may be undermedicated. According to Dr Lowe, fibromyalgia could be due to thyroid hormone resistance.

  • Thank you Shaws for your reply - when I am able I will post my test results. I have read the article above too. Thanks again.

  • I would suggest getting vitamin D levels tested. If you are deficient it can cause muscle and joint pain. Although your symptoms sound rather more serious than just a vitamin D deficiency I must admit, unless you are desperately deficient.

    Another problem may be low iron.

  • Hello human bean - I do take Vit D as was advised by GP also B12 too daily - I have had anaemia in the past but all my recent tests have come back ok - but it might be worth taking again to see if this helps. I am going to ask for my last two blood test results & will post when I have them. Thank you,

  • Hi what were your actual results because ok for your doctor is maybe not ok for you. How much vitamin d are you taking?

  • I Take 1 800u of Colecalciferol (D3) daily - but haven't had a D3 blood test since last Oct - I've rung the surgery to have print out of recent tests (1 in Nov & 1 -2 weeks ago) so will post these ASAP .

  • Hi Sutton 800 is only a maintenance dose. I doubt if that is making much difference but you will just have to wait for your results.

  • Ok thank you - I'll send results when I get from the dr .

  • I had muscle & bone aches before I sorted VitD, it may help ease things a bit. (4000iu daily worked for me, I don't take any summertime 'tho).

  • Wow so only taking 800u daily is perhaps very low - do you think it would benefit me to take at least 2 to start until I have the results from the blood tests? Stourie also said 800 was a starting dose! Obviously away from levo maybe at lunchtime time ?

  • How low were your vit d levels? If you were deficient and everything else is okay (calcium particularly) and you have no reason to avoid it, you need a loading dose to pump you full of d and get you back up to normal. Guidance here:

  • I'm waiting to collect my blood results - but thank you for these guidelines which will be helpful when I know the results.

  • Hello Sutton. I can identify with those symptoms and for me, I think, they are as much adrenal related as thyroid. Have you considered having the saliva cortisol test done by Genova UK?

    There's a good adrenal questionnaire here which might help you decide if you think adrenals might be an issue

  • Thank you Rosetrees I will look into this

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