Low sodium on blood test

Low sodium on blood test

I had a full sweep of bloods on Friday and all results are ok other than 2 of my electrolytes. I'm concerned after Googling that sodium that low cam cause seizures or coma. My gp is away but he's calling me Tuesday.

Any reassurance or has anyone had this problem? Since on levo I do have a dry mouth and go to the toilet hourly so I'm guessing that could be a cause. I have anxiety so this is all worrying me.

Thank you


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  • Low sodium called hyponatremia can be caused by many reasons but 129 is not low enough to be called severe hyponatremia. And should not cause any symptoms until it is lower than 125.

    Fluid retention can be one possible reason and can't fix it by drinking less or eating more salt.

    Before jumping into any conclusions you need to and will get retested just to be sure there is no mistake. Unfortunately.

    Also some other tests will be run to make sure all is ok.

    I doubt anyone here can make you less anxious as you already googled it and read about the seizures and coma which are unlikely to happen before you get to talk with your GP.

    If you would be in immediate danger they would not let you wait until Tuesday.

  • Thank you Justina.

    I know, I can't believe I've got to go through more look tests. I hoped that was it and I could look forward to Christmas now.

    Hopefully it will be less frightening for me next blood test. it's just my luck something is wrong and I have to have another test.

    Thank you for replying.


  • Blood tests not look. silly phone .

  • I know you are not thrilled about getting your blood drawn ,but if your GP is concerned about your test results and suspects something, there will be tests necessary to run. Fortunately some is urine! !! Lol see the bright side.

  • Haha I'm happy to do the urine. gp today rang and I need bloods again in 2 weeks.

  • So they will run the same tests again?

    It's good they take it seriously. Let's hope it was one off with weird results.

  • Just the electrolytes I think as was only those off.

    It's just my luck I need bloods again when it's my phobia and last Friday as a horrible long panic attack having it done 😅

  • I know you are not jumping for joy lol. But hey you didn't die , see a bright side again :P

    You will get through this one too.

  • Thank you Justina😄

  • Jingyd35,

    Most GP practices have a rota whereby a GP (not necessarily your own) reviews lab results before they are released to patients. If an abnormality was serious you would usually be asked to contact your GP or another GP immediately.

  • I was told to just make a routine appointment.

  • Jingyd35,

    Which means the GP doesn't see it as urgent and it is something you can discuss with your own GP when he is available.

  • I spone to a gp today. she said it could just be a blip and sodium of 129 is nothing serious and it's only if it drops low 120s they'd be concerned. I need a blood test in 2 weeks.

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