At a loss !

At an absolute loss ! .... 10 weeks pregnant. Battled to get endo referral for over 2 years now (history of hyper and hypo 10+ years ago) tsh, T3, T4 at low end of 'normal range' and TPO anitbodies positive.

I did share my previous thyroid experience and history with Endo last month and she wrote back to my GP saying "her gut feeling was it was not endocrine related", despite history, mum's history and my long list of symptoms and recurring infections and being rundown etc etc. She has backtracked slightly but discharged me after this first visit. T3 has remained around 4.3 - 5.2, T4 was in lower range too but I can't remember the numbers and tsh was 0.63 I think. TPO antibodies were positive. Adrenal and thyroid problems on mum's side.

GP said they'll continue monitoring and that's it. She said I didn't time it very well (pregnancy and thyroid) yet they've been telling me for years I don't have a thyroid problem. It wasn't planned but we are feeling blessed and hope all will be okay following two m/c s in the last two years. I really thought that after waiting over 2 years for this referral to Endo, I'd now be looking at some form of treatment to start moving things forward positively but I'm in the same place!? What on earth to do?!

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monitoring thyroid levels during pregnancy is absolutely vital and specialised both for the mum but much more importantly for the baby

I understood that low levels of thyroid hormones were not at all good for the baby ... i believe you need very expert guidance if this is to end happily

I think you're right. Unfortunately the brick wall that is the GP is impenetrable and though she did say they'll be 'monitoring' it, action and monitoring aren't the same thing and unless I drop out of their 'normal range' they won't be treating. She said next month the results could be completely different again (as she made the uphill/downhill motion with her hand).... implying that my thyroid will be like this throughout pregnancy. Why the disinterest from them? She just looked at me blankly and was saying they wouldn't be throwing t3 or anything at me as it could do more harm, given me being in the normal range.

You have to change the GP. Your baby is too important and it would seem the GP hasn't a clue and you need to be kept well also. I assume you aren't on thyroid gland medication, ie levothyroxine. If you can get a print-out of your blood tests, complete with the ranges and post them for members to comment on.

Best wishes

Thank you shaws, you're right I'm not on anything. I saw on the screen today it said about 0.68 tsh range 0.20-3.(?) t3 4.3 but not sure of range. T4 was in the low end of normal. TPO antibodies positive at 207 I think. Other antibody test was negative. You are so right and I shared my concerns for baby development and she said everyone has concerns like that when they're pregnant. The fab locum who was the one to put ref in two yrs later has now left. Thank you.

dimdims37, a very good site for info on the TSH ranges by trimester and other factors related is,

If TPO is positive then Hashis or post partum depression could be possible. Another site that is very strong on

women's health is this. Dr. Brogan has written many articles on this subject.

Good luck. PR

I'm going to look that up right now, thank you so much..... I may be brave and make another appt just to share this information

Here is one article. PR

Thank you for taking the time to forward this link. I'm reading it now. I'm trying to find positive stories to hold on to and it's proving v hard to find any! Hormonal and sensitive are not the word!! :)

dimdims37, knowledge is power. I know there are some sad stories on these sites but there is also information to help you be an informed patient instead of a sad story. It is a bit like the news, they print more negative news than positive news. As an informed patient you can be a positive story. PR

You're right. I'm now considering changing gp practice and hope it won't be too late. It's a shame that it's like hitting a brick wall, apart from a locum who's now left. I found some really positive stories on and staying informed as well as positive makes all the difference.

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