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Urgent Endo referral (NOT!!!!!)



This is a bit of a rant with a few questions thrown in!

Went to see my doctor 2 weeks ago last Friday as i was on 100mcg levo and still feeling like a big dogs dinner. She said she'd do an urgent referral to my local Endo dept. I phoned up the endo dept end of last week to find they'd not received the referral. My Doctors surgery were running a bit behind with the referrals and only did it last Friday, 2 weeks after it should've been done!! I received a phone call today from the bookings deptrtment who told me the earliest appointment would be 14th May, and that's urgent!! deeeep breath!!

My question is..

my lovely doctor did some more blood tests on me and I'm not sure what they're for or how to interpret the results?

PTH 4.4 (Range 1.6-6.9)

Serum calcium 2.29(Range 2.10-2.55)

Corrected Serum Calcium 2.21(Range 2.10-2.55)

I'm sure she would've told me what they're for but my brain feels like a piece of cheese at the moment, full of holes!!

I'd like to say another big thank you to all the lovely people on here who've helped me, and others, with all your fab advice and support.

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I beleive this is to do with the 4 parathyroid glands on the thyroid which control the levels of calcium you can have either hypoparathyroidisim = too little or hyperparathyroidisim = too much

I did know of a good site that explained it well and cured very easily with surgery cant find it at the mo. .. .Here it is parathyroid.com/


hi there Sharonjarvis, your gp should request ,at least , ft3/ft4/follate / ferretin / vitd tests to start with AND they need to insist to the lab to actually do them [ they have to if the gp INSISTS -- as the gp's practice actually pays the bill from the lab ] ...when you get the results post them here [ together with the ranges ] and I am sure someone with far better knowledge than you or I will be able to advise you further .....alan x

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