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I seem to be bottom of range on everything - I'm I now officially normal

March 2014 Results

Thyroid autoantibodies 0.8 U/mL 0-9

Serum TSH level 0.05 mU/L 0.020-6

Serum free T4 level 10.8 pmol/L 8-18

Serum vitamin B12 684 ng/L 140-0 - No idea what this means!

January 2014 Results

Serum free T4 level 6.8 pmol/L 8-18

Serum TSH level 0.51 mU/L 0.020-6

2012 Results

Serum free T4 level 8.9 pmol/L 8-18

Serum TSH level 0.05 mU/L 0.020-6

That's me in a nut shell...I'm on 50 levo (I've said this before in another post), I do feel better but the vacant brain and muscle pain are making life slightly difficult. I would like to try 75 levo, do you think looking at my March results I will be able to convince a doctor to up my dose or will she just look at the TSH level and say no.

No T3 results as the hospital did not take enough blood, will ask for it again on the next round of blood tests.

Look at my 2012 results, I was very borderline. However they sent me away, I gained 3 stone and lost a promotion due to my brain working slower than my mouth, making me sound very slow! Shame on my practise.

Happy Friday everyone xx

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Actually I've got the antibodies completely wrong...negative good, positive bad? Could I have hashimotos or should I stop self diagnosing and stick to the day job!


What antibodies were tested? Thyroid Peroxidase (TPoAb) and Thyroglobulin (TgAb) are for Hashimoto's. Most people have some antibodies, it is elevated antibodies over a certain benchmark which confirm diagnosis. Yours are low, which is good.

I can't imagine a GP increasing your dose with your low TSH which is a shame as your FT4 is low in range. Could you request the FT3 be done now. It might be helpful to see where your FT3 is in relation to your low FT4.

Are your ferritin, vitD, B2 and folate good in range? If deficient or low they can cause you to feel unwell as if you have hypoT symptoms.

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Hi Clutter...all it says on the test results were Thyroid autoantibodies. No vitamins test was done except the B12. I have a phone appointment with my doctor on Tuesday, I will bring up the T3 again.

I just thought Hashimoto's because of my waking up at silly o clock nightly, and the muscle pain. However sometimes we want to see something that's not there.

As always thanks you for help. Hope your feeling well xx

Edited - Here you go, I missed these Serum folate 11.5 ug/L 4-0


Muscle pain can be a hypothyroid symptom as can poor sleep. You don't have to have Hashi's to have hypothyroidism. It often, but not always, causes hypothyroidism.

Muscle pain can also be due to low vitaminD. You have'nt said what your B12 result is and your folate looks off unless you've made a typo.

Not feeling great today. I have a very stiff neck and it's making me feel tired and grumpy.


Serum vitamin B12 684 ng/L 140-0

Serum folate 11.5 ug/L 4-0 this is correct, I copied and pasted from results.

I'm really lucky, I've been to the doctors 7 times in 20 years, would you believe I've never even had a childhood disease ! So I'm not enjoying this illness thing, I just want answers and for it to go away, patience was never a quality of mine.

I'm sorry about your neck, I hope you feel better today. I've had a dreadful sleep, but ironically once I'm up I feel ok. However I have my parents arriving today, frankly my woes have just doubled, ha ha xx


With such a low TSH and such a low T4 level, you need to be tested for pituitary damage, hypopituitarism, Sheehan's Syndrome and/or secondary/central hypothyroidism. Your pituitary should be pumping out more TSH than it is. The fact it is producing so little indicates that you have a problem.

A common cause of pituitary damage is whiplash or a head injury, or possibly large blood loss during childbirth, but there are other causes too - tumours for instance. Have you ever had either of these?

Some links for you to ponder :

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Hi HB - It is a question I am going to put to my Doctor on Tuesday, I've never had any of the above though, as I've said...I just wanted answers, drugs and the ability to get on with life (not a lot to ask). I am losing faith in the medical profession.

Thank you, I hope your well. xx


Just agreeing with humanbean.

Your GP may not have come across this before and may need a nudge. In these cases it is important to treat by FT4 and FT3 rather than TSH, because that is unreliable.

Your FT4 is currently way too low. On that range it needs to be about 15.

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