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Daughters new blood test results


B12 303 (180 - 2000) Folate 6.2 (5 - 10) Ferritin 18 ( 10 - 100) Her Dr yet again has said these are all normal and no action needed. She is 24 with thinning hair, i have read so much about B12 being dangerous if it is too low, is this still too low, what about her Ferrritin shouldn't he suggest treatment for that….? Any advice would be appreciated x

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Has your daughter got a thyroid condition?

Moggie x

dwsmith in reply to Moggie

Hi Moggie, Dr Skinner diagnosed her last year x are these results due to Hypothyroidism do you think?

Moggie in reply to dwsmith

I would say you need to get her ferritin level up and also look into pernicious anaemia as all of her symptoms could be down to both.

She needs to start taking ferrous sulphate 200mg's once a day with a good vitc supplement, or her body will be unable to absorb the iron, and with food for the same reason. They cost £1.40 for 28 tablets in any chemist and this is the vitc I use (1/4 of a teaspoon in a little bit of made up orange squash). Low iron can make you feel absolutely awful and your ferritin level needs to be over 80 for your hair to stop falling out. It will take a while for her levels to increase (it has taken me almost a year to get from 16 to 67) so it wont be a quick fix. Her GP will not help because she is still "in range".


Also get her to have a read of this.


Hope the above has helped.

Moggie x

Just looked at your previous post about your daughter and am wondering if she is still seeing the same doctor?

Unfortunately lots of gps will not prescribe a thing unless under range...or like in my case, even when you are under range!! If gp is unwilling to help then maybe she could try supplementing herself to see if it helps. Starting maybe with some Jarrows sublinguals for b12. They come in various strengths....maybe start with 5000. She can buy cheap folic acid from supermarkets like Tesco. The strength that you get over the counter isn't that high but it's a start and better than nothing. As for ferritin I would definitely try and increase that. I think people have mentioned being able to buy iron tablets in certain pharmacies, failing that Spatone or Floradix work well.

Moggie in reply to chihiro

Spatone and Floradix have very low iron levels in them and for a ferritin level this low I would recommend something with a bit more iron in it.

Ferrous sulphate has 65mg's of iron compared to Floradix, which only has approx 15mcg's and will hardly increase this girls low levels at all. Same goes for Spatone, which some people on here have found lowers their levels let alone increases it.

Moggie x


I wouldn't start supplementing B12 yet, levels that low in someone so young should be a red flag. Try and get some further testing done, either the PA antibody tests or the active B12 or MMA test. More info about testing here:


And lots of other good info around the same website.

Thankyou everybody, i am non the case. It looks like i will have to take her private, has anybody had any experience with Mark Vanderpump in London?

Sophit in reply to dwsmith

This was posted 3 years ago..buy found it whilst searching about for reviews etc on Dr Vanderpump. I wondered if you ever went to see him and the outcome? My daughter has Hashimotos hypo. And loomi g to go private as not hapoy with her NHS endos so far. Many thanks Sophie :-)

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