Do I need T3 tested with an antibody test done?

Still feeling very unwell with a constant battle with doctors who say normal result after reducing my Levothyroxine to 75mg... My TSH IS NOW 4.5 Constant pain is part of my everyday life but now it's waking me in the night and I'm so stiff I can hardly move... Can anyone please advise me what I need to say to doctor, going to try and get in today... Sam

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  • So sorry your still feeling unwell. I am exactly the same. My Gp sent me for another blood test and my tsh was in normal range and still on 175 levo but I asked for D3 be tested and it came back that I was badly low on Vit D3 but I still feel the same as you described so Gp sent me for a scan on neck due to small lump on my thyroid, been put on D3 tablets but Not had results yet as only had it a couple of days but like yourself need to see what else I can ask my Go. I have asked for T3 but they refuse. I hope you get answers and are well soon.

  • Cheers Wayne, it's a constant battle with the GP's I will ask them again today to retest :-)

  • In my experience your tsh is too high which is probably why you are feeling so ill, I now take 75 mg one day and 100 the next day and so on, this has helped me considerably, why did they reduce your dosage? if it was because you were over medicated then maybe this alternate day dosage would help you too good luck X

  • Yes I was hyper... Been up and down 30 years after taking the radio active iodine grrrrr I will ask yet again today thanks for you input Whispers and good luck to you too... We will get there x

  • For your information read the answer on the question dated January 25, 2002 re adjusting doses. Unfortunately, doctors don't seem to understand much about metabolism etc.

  • Thank you I will take a look now before I go to see doctor :-)

  • Good luck

  • Thank you I will give it a go if I can get the levo in first place :-)

  • TSH of 4.5 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no wonder you have all the symptoms of Hypothyroid

    I bet your Free t4 is low

    Your cholesterol high

    ferritin and folate low as probably will be

    Vit B12


    Vit D3



  • Thank you so much, just back from doctors they put me up to 100mg levo to retest in 6 weeks... I will ask for the above to be tested too... :-))

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