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Do I need my T3 ?

The NHS are considering the whether they can afford to prescribe my T3 and I am trying hard to look after my husband's health needs. His medication list is as follows:

Levothyroxine-Warfarin-Spironolactone- Bumetanide-Sotalol- Ramapril and Calcichew.

I have spent the last three months driving back and forth to hospital 16 times,including 4 visits to A&E and visiting him every afternoon when he was admitted for 8 days with serious fluid retention during February.The last 3 appointments have entailed him seeing 3 different consultants in outpatients who have each changed his meds................This has all resulted in the fact that his kidneys aren't coping and he now needs to see a kidney specialist.Would you believe it? . My energy reserves have certainly been tapped in to big time,but we do what we do out of love and support. You can imagine how I feel seeing my husband having to absorb all these drugs every day.I certainly question whether the right hand knows what the left hand is doing. When I study his patient leaflets and can see for myself that some drugs affect others do others not see this? At the moment I am not only questioning the cost of his drugs but also the cost to his health and future.

Do I really need my T3 ?

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I'm sorry to hear of your husband's ill health and hope he improves and comes home soon.

You are the only person who knows whether or not you need T3. Why are you questioning it?

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I'm not!!......may be I'm being a bit naughty ............I know I certainly wouldn't have coped without my T3 these last few months,but the NHS health department won't have a clue about that when they summarise the forms will they ? because they don't ask that or provide spaces on surveys for personal details.All surveys have a standard format.........answers on a scale of 1 to 5 or not good to excellent etc.......How many of us would like all surveys to provide a large space for individual personal comment?.......The registrar this morning was a good listener and I thanked him for that, but the Health Department won't get to know that.


Marfit74 if they don't keep you going with some T3 then it will cost them a lot more for any care he needs that you are unable to provide. I do wish you and your husband better care and health.

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Yes! T3 is the active version of thyroxine and is neccesary.


Thanks Glynisrose.......yes we takers all know that but what planet are the NHS on when it comes to Hypothyroidism when T4 alone doesn't help.Do they know anything at all about what T3 does within our cells?

Perhaps we need a new post to ask ...How many patients needing T3 are carers for other members of their families? What happens when they crash?.....


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