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Where can I buy NDT?

Hi all! I've not been around for a while - feeling rough, tired, lots of pain and struggling to do my little bits of work (freelance). Anyway, I *think* I'm hypo (Hashi's?) - though my results are "within range" (but low). There's no chance of any doctors helping me ... so I'm going it alone.

I have been taking NutriAdrenal and NutriThyroid - using Dr P's book as a guide - but I'm toying with the idea of trying NDT. So, my question is - where do you buy it? I guess you can't put links here to show me, so please PM me instead. I'm a little scared about the thought of trying it - any advice? Thanks!

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I'll PM you too, but look for my post 'Me and NDT' and sheenah's recent one too. We have both just started on it.


Hi Harry,

Could you please email me details of NDT and how I can get supplied with it? Please, my email is <email address>.

I'm feeling like I've hit every brick wall with my GP regarding the Thyroid madness, my TFTs are in low normal range but my symptoms are hellish I don't feel I can go on any more with them I've had enough and will try NDT on my own . What do I need to know about adrenal supplements too?

Thank you Harry,

kind regards,

Nicola Elliott.

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You are not going it alone - you have all the help that this site can offer to you - NDT is a natural substance but is still very potent and needs to be used gently and slowly. Try to go and see my Winchester Doc - best around - but in the meantime ask for help and don't panic. Dr Ps book is very good, but right now I feel you need some face to face physical guidance I feel so much better after 10 days on NDT! XX


Hi Harry and Sheenah - many thanks for your replies (and thanks for your PM, Harry)! I'll take a look at the posts you've both done about this, as well as reading Dr P's book again before I decide to try it for sure. I'm a long way from Winchester, and I've tried to find a good doc up here but failed - plus the only moderately interested GP in my practice has now retired - so the do-it-myself route is the only one open to me really. But you're right, Sheenah, I do have this brilliant site and all you lovely people to help me. This forum has been an absolute godsend to me since I've found it. :-)

For the time being I'm sticking to the Nutri products. I've only been taking them a short while - NutriAdrenal for 2 months and NutriThyroid for a couple of weeks. I did notice a lessening of the 'brain fog' and a bit more energy after a couple of weeks on NutriAdrenal. I guess I'm going to have to try them for a long time before I see any real difference.

But I want to check out if NDT would be a good idea - either as well as, or instead of (need to read the book again to check that out) - so I thought I'd try to find out where you get it from. Many thanks once again - and I'm really glad you're both feeling better already with the NDT. Here's hoping it might do the same for me too if I try it! :-)

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