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I'm new here but have been taking ndt for nearly 2 years but last week my gp decided not to support me any more. Can it be purchased overseas ? I've found one website in the USA and I'm not sure if you need a private prescription ad no one responds to me. I would rather die than go back to levothyroxine after trying it for 16 yrs it didn't suit me.

Any ideas please ?

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If you have a clinical need your doctor should still prescribe. I know exactly how you feel as most of us on here cannot recover on levothyroxine. Most doctors do not believe us but why would there be so many on this forum if levo worked for them? .

You can ask him who informed him not to prescribe NDT anymore. I know the BTA did a good job with refuting NDT as being successful for the patient, even the fact that it was in use since 1892 it has had a long life of success for patients who used to die before NDT was introduced. You may be interested in this response one of our Advisers did to the BTA before his death.

I would first of all talk to your local MP and they have already withdrawn T3 for many who were taking it due to the cost rising from £30 per month to over £600. Bearing in mind we have to have thyroid hormone replacements for life and why should we be forced to source elsewhere in the world. If your GP has any queries she/he could contact Lyn Mynott who started Thyroiduk.org.uk and who takes NDT.



They said as it's not an authorized or licensed product therefore I must go back onto Levo. I do not have the time to contact my MP but I am changing GPS. I know that dessicated pig thyroid was used safely for over 100 yrs and as I have tried Levo for 16yrs then I'm not prepared to go back on it. Thank you for your reply


You are correct in that NDT was withdrawn - through False Statements made by the British Thyroid Association.

If you've not had a response from some members giving you info of where to source NDT. Put up a fresh post saying 'Where to source NDT'.


Thank you shaws. I have been messaged with a few places to buy but im concerned as they are in large quantities which means they are not natural as my natural ndt looses its potency ehen exposed to air and i have only been having 90 day supply for this reason


Do the tablets not come prepacked and each one sealed within a 'bubble' which would mean they would be protected from air.

That's how my T3 is packaged. No air touches them and the ones I have now expire in 2020.


No they arrive in a brown bottle which i spit up into smaller quantities


This is a past post which may be (or not) informative although it is levo it refers to not NDT.


and this is from another link:

Prescription bottles come in several different colors, the most common of which being orange or light brown due to its ability to prevent ultraviolet light from degrading the potentially photosensitive contents through photochemical reactions, while still letting enough visible light through for the contents to be easily visible.



Ah yes i see. My levo is in blister packs as i also take 25mg of levo.


Hi Sammie

My GP gives me a private prescription for NDT (based on prescribing from an endo that I see privately that also works in the NHS). May be worth asking if they will do you a private script if they won't give you an NHS prescription.

Cost wise I get a 100 day supply of 2 grains per day for approx £130 of Naturethroid. The private appointment does cost though! But if your GP will prescribe privately this might not be an issue.

Otherwise consider changing GP - I think Thyroid UK has a listing of GPs that are more sympathetic to NDT/T3 as opposed to the 'Levo is the thyroid god' approach.

Good luck


Ive been doing that for 2 yrs but now the doctors have refused. Im in the process of changing doctors


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