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Has anyone tried this?

I notice the main ingredient is Dulse, which supplies Iodine which normally I would shy away from but after a discussion on here recently I'm wondering if I should give it a go. I am hypo with very high antibodies, but apparently not Hashis.

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Sorry you had no replies - it may be that no one has the relevant experience..

Maybe someone will pick this up from Latest Activity....




Hi, I haven't tried this but taken a look at it. I'm just wondering why you are in a position to be paying for meds rather than your GP caring for you. The only reason I can think of is that after use and blood tests - you can prove to your GP that you do need this product.



Hi Poppy Rose-it's mainly because like a lot of others I am now considered to be on the correct amount of medication, yet I have never felt worse in my life :-( When I first started out posting on here I felt a bit of a fraud as I felt more or less OK.... 7 months later after being prescribed Levo I have depression, insomnia, weight problems, joint pain etc. Some bloody cure!!


:( sorry you're in that position - yes I understand me too - being under medicated that has left my thyroid about to burn out completely!! Struggled to get onto the right dose. refuse to refer me on, saw private consultant as she raised it immediately!! Good luck - some of us here def need it. ;)


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