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Thyroid test results

Just received results back from Genova. Could do with some insights as to what I might do next.

T4 - 66.0 TSH 2.73 FT4 10.2

FT3 7.71 FT4 - FT3 Ratio 1.3 RT3 0.21

Thyroid Auto Immunity

Thyroglobulin 836 - Peroxidase 350 - Think I have progressed to Hashimotos. I am taking 1 grain of armour at the moment and have just embarked on a gluten free diet. Feeling a little tired even though my diet is pretty good. I take kefir milk made with raw milk - sauerkraut - meats that organic and pasture raised - bone broth- very very little sugar. I have one coffee a day and no tea just water. Speaking of which: I have water retention, even though I am pretty active. There are days now when I feel so bloody alone and fed up and really hate Mr. Hashimoto.

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Sandy can you post the lab ref ranges too?

You may be under medicated on only 1 grain Armour with your TSH 2.37 but your FT3 would be over-range on most ranges I've seen. Optimal medication would probably sort the water retention.

Commiserations, you have become a fully paid up member of the Hashimoto's club (subject to ref ranges). :(


You're not alone Sandy, although it does feel like it sometimes ....

I am a yellow belt in Hashi

Don't forget to kick those deficiencies/low vitamins & minerals into touch (Vit D big culprit, iron ferritin folate & B12 for starters)

J :D


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