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Could this be Low T3 Syndrome rather than hypoT???

Hi Peeps....Am currently on 62.5 mcg t3 (cytomel). When I first started t3 last Jan, I was back to work by 01 March although still had symptoms. Its been a year, I cannot raise my t3 anymore. Due to stress I think I am back to square one adrenal wise and about to do another saliva test. Work is busy, stressful, tiring as you might expect midwifery to be, low im ill stop there!

Some shifts i've not been able to eat, drink, take my meds...time passes so quickly , I get so involved in my women's care that I forget . Generally I feel grim with the usual suspect symptoms but have noticed that after these tough shifts and I am back in my car eating my lunch , then I drive is then I notice that I am tachycardic at 100bpm but am missing beats too...very strange misses a beat then feels like my heart swells before it beats again and the feeling makes me cough. I am noticing that it is occurring on 'unprovoked' occasions too. I have also found out that i'm vit d deficient and now supplementing 5000 iu and also started folate along with a plethora of other supplements.

I have read an article by Chris Kresser on low t3 syndrome...I am so worried that maybe this was my issue. He says taking t3 on top of this syndrome can cause cardiovascular issues. Could I have got it wrong? My ft3 results have always been bottom of the range and in the early tests ft4 was midrange. Both are now below range despite the cytomel.

Any help appreciated as always........K x Feeling rubbish :(

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Hi K, I can't remember if I've posted any of the videos to you but this doctor says there are 22 reasons for low thyroid and some of them have nothing to do with the thyroid itself. The autoimmune nature of the disease can attack anywhere along the process of T4 becoming usable FT3 to the cells. There are 22 different videos, everything from interfering with Seratonin or Dopamine, prolactin, or testosterone excesses and attacks on thyroglobulins, etc. In this #10 he talks about attacks on your own T4 and T3. I tend to believe that is why just prescribing levo may not lead everyone to good health when you have these underlying issues.

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In your profile you don't say whether or not you have already been diagnosed with a thyroid gland problem. If you have, then I cannot see how taking T3 is an issue.

If you are so busy at work, not eating, especially drinking fluids, not taking your medication, I can understand how you don't feel well. Even someone healthy would not feel so good.

First we need to take our medication. Do you split your dose of T3?

Next, you have to have some sustenance during your shift, although I know babies have their own time-table.

You should have enough water to drink throughout your shift.

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Hi Low FT3 can be connected to liver failure./disease. However, in my case it was well below range and is fine on treatment.. It is true that if FT3 is over range that it definitely is harmful to the heart. in your case, I would consider the TSH, and T4, too. If your TSH is below range too, then have advice. However, and investigations, simple ones , such as LFT`s, liver function bloods, cholesterol, and 24 hour urine for the pituitary gland. if TSH in range and rest Ok , I really do not think that even the best E do`s would treat you and I certainly would not go to a private doctor.for this.

Best wishes,



The Yahoo T3CM Forum - may be a place to go and ask questions and for some help (T3 Circadian Rhythm) & Paul Robinsons book on T3 ? You can make the choice to try the CM method, but a starting place is to ask some questions on how you are feeling, along the lines of what you have written above - they are very experienced on T3


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Have you tried taking your T3 in one dose so you don't skip split doses? I find that although I'm properly medicated I experience palpitations and missed beats when I haven't eaten &/or when I over exert or miss sleep.

Is it possible to have a banana or protein drink nearby so you can have an instant energy boost when you're overdue a meal break or otherwise flagging?


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