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Does anybody know of a good surgeon, that performs keyhole surgery for Hyperparathyroidism ?

I have been diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism and have been told that I will have to have the four parathyroid glands removed. I understand that this surgery can be performed under local anaesthetic using keyhole surgery. Does anybody know of a surgeon that performs this surgery as my local health board only does it using a general anaesthetic. Thanks in advance.

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Yes, but sadly he has left the UK. You could still try and track him down if so inclined? Let me know if you want his name.


I would look into this more deeply if i were you, surely if you have the four parathyroid glands removed you will go hypo instead of hyper.

I am hypopara of the genetic kind my son has inherited from me, we could do with the glands that you wish to remove !

Get ' good advice ' before you proceed due to it being just as miserable being under active as it is over.

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Couldn't agree more about hypo being just as miserable as hyper- I've been both and they are both horrible just in different ways - probably hard to believe but I think if anything I found being hypo worse.


Hi Bluedaffodill, thank you for the information, I would very much like to have those details from you if I may.

Hi Jillymo, I am sorry to hear of the problems that you and your son are having with hypoparathyroidism, mine is also familial hyperparathyroidism and has until now followed the paternal line of our family. I think that maybe I didn't word my question properly as you seem to be of the opinion that I want to have the parathyroid glands removed. It was not a choice to have it done, but as each of the four glands have tumours on them I am left with no choice other than the method with which they will be removed. That notwithstanding, my Consultant is hoping that a small part of one might be left in situ. Then it will be Calcium and Vit D to ensure that enough will be absorbed through the intestines. So in this instance I feel sure that my Parathyroid glands will be of no use to either of you.

Thank you both for taking time to respond to my question, it is much appreciated


Good luck Suzie, afraid I can't help but I really do hope you can find someone who can do it by keyhole.


Thank you Fruitandnutcase I really appreciate your good wishes. I am certain that it must be horrendous being hypo, I am guessing when I say this but I suspect that there isn't a quick fix for that. I can't imagine what that would be like to live with. All the best


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