Shout hurrah for me,please!

An anniversary I can't neglect...this time -5pm - a year ago I was surfacing from 7 plus hours of surgery to put a metal coil into a ruptured brain artery and put a tube into my head to drain off "water on the brain". Definite stroke of genius?

12 months down the line,and with a decent dose of T3 in my system,I feel as good as ever. One lucky hypo lady,who's had many more miracles than her fair share -thank you all for your support.

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  • Hurrah!! xxx

  • Wow - you have done well....sounds as if indeed it was all a miracle. Glad you are doing good on T3 too ....

    M x

  • Well done you! x

  • Hurrah for you. Such a good news story - so good to hear and well deserved I'm sure. Jane x

  • HURRAH to you, here's to many many more happy years :-)

  • I hope you carry on feeling well and I'm pleased the surgery was so successful. Must have been very frightening at the time, though.

  • Wow - Hurrah for you!

    (bet you beep at airport security like me!) :D

  • Crikey - what a hair-raising story. Good for you! x

  • Thanks for all the lovely feedback...I didn't even mention the pituitary tumour I had in the 70s when I was just a teenager! Now that really was my first miraculous luck. It's just the 40+ tablets a day that gets tedious now.…

  • Wow mumcat2 you sure have been through a tough time but look at you now! Woohoo for you :D Hope your health keeps improving.

    I just noticed...40 tablets x day?!?! Wow that is impressive!!!

  • Hurrah from me too - glad uou ard feeling so well :) xx

  • Like your cats do you have nine lives? cos if you do you have definitely used up at least a Now there's an anniversary you wont forget in a hurry.

    Well done you for beating all the odds and doing so well. May your remaining seven lives work as well as the last

    Moggie x

  • Hurrah :_)

  • Oh, hurrah to you!! So pleased that you're doing so well! 40 tablets, eh? You've made me feel less resentful about the supplements I take - I'm always moaning about how to fit them in around my T3! Well done, Kx

  • Hi, mumcat2. I'm so pleased for you. Enjoy the weekend, you deserve it.x

  • Well done in getting through all that! You're an inspiration to us all. Long may you continue in good health. ..apart from the 40pills a day...that sucks xxx

  • now that is something we could all do with -----SOME BRILLIANT NEWS ---- and from someone that truly deserves it .....well done girl look forward to the 2nd anniversary because you can celebrate even more than this one .....alan xx

  • That's great! Long may it continue

  • Pleased for you mumcat. Hope you continue to do well. Janet.

  • I will raise a glass to that Mumcat...:-)))))

  • What lovely folks you all are - this community makes me feel so lucky. I'll have to raise a metaphorical glass though, as alcohol has become something I can't indulge in - just imagine the interactions with all my pills!

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