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Can someone please give there valued opinion on my thyroid results ?

" Serum TSH level "

0.05 \.br \ ft4 added by lab

" Serum free T4 level " 16 pmol / L ( 5.6 - 21)

" Serum free T3 level " 7.0 pmol /L ( 3.7 - 7 )


" Serum TSH level " 0.04 U/mL ( 0.35 - 6.9 ) " Low "

I was on 175 micrograms of thyroxine a little while back but was put on a very short trial of T3 this was given in a low dose, if I remember correct it was given in 5mg for a month.

Before starting the T3 I was asked to lower the dose of thyroxine to 150 micrograms, this has stayed the same even though I have stopped the T3.

My consultant is saying things are not to urgent & can stay as they are for the time being, but he wonders if I am taking to much thyroxine !

When you are feeling chronic lethargy with your hair falling out & skin so dry that it now flakes you cant help but wonder if your levels are correct. jilly*momo

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has anyone bothered to check your ferritin and folate ?

Is it possible your ceoliac as this often complicates hashimotos

IMHE with my husband the only thing that sorted things out was Armour Thyroid


Not that I am aware of but I shall ask my consultant to do it when I see him at the end of the month.

Unlike your husband I have graves, I was over active then it went under so i was put on thyroxine.......not that I feel any better for taking it !

What is Armour thyroid I have heard of people talk about it but have never heard my consultant mention it.

I was checked for ceoliac many years ago but at the time I was very poorly with the flu & I think they had problems getting the tube down, I do suffer with gluten intolerance.


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