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T3 shortage in Coventry

I wrote in another post about my chemist not be able to get t3 due to supply problems. I have managed to get two months from the hospital pharmacy. They told me that they are aware of a shortage in the chemists. I am not sure if this is just locally or nationwide.

Just thought I'd do a post and give a heads up in case people missed my thread.

Hopefully it wont affect many and it will get back to normal soon.

Best wishes everyone

Carolineanne x

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Contact to see when distribution will resume.


I have had this problem in Tesco and I know the Boots I have swapped to got some in, but I'm not holding my breath after this lot... Is there an issue Clutter? I know it's expensive but it seems chemists won't stock it? 😊 x


I was under the impression that all pharmacies were expected to supply all medicines prescribed on the NHS - with some exceptions such as hosptial-only products.

I can understand that they might not have any on the shelf but even back in the 1980s there were major computer systems to ensure that virtually all pharmacies had twice-daily deliveries.


If a pharmacy doesn't have it on the shelf, less common meds like liothyronine can take two or three days to come from their supplier in my expereince, but it absolutely should not be a case of 'cannot" unless there is a genuine shortage due to production issues.

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The pharmacist at Boots usually get it in for me in two days. He said it was a manufacture supply problem. He rang around a lot of chemists to check if they had any.

Thanks for the link Clutter :)


I've had this problem over the years. I think the manufacturers put a stop on it for a month or two every so often, since it is a bit of a minority drug and they calculate that there is enough out there to cover. So far, it has always come back fairly quickly.

Years ago, when I was having problems getting it where I used to live (even getting it prescribed by a GP), I bought some 'on the side' and created a bit of a stash which I rotate with new prescriptions. This has so far covered me against this eventuality and might be worth considering for those of you that are dependent on it? Like many of you, this is the drug that changes my life.


I live in Derby just 50 miles from Coventry and have just had a repeat of my T3 prescription. The tablets were ordered in by my local Boots and were delivered the next day, so no sign of a shortage here. However, as I take just T3, I am wary of running out so keep a supply in the fridge too.



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