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Cysts on Thyroid

Hi All

I've just been for my 2nd Thyroid Ultrasound. I had one done in November as my GP felt an enlarged Thyroid. I had the ultrasound and it wasn't enlarged but had a small colloid cyst on my left lobe. Having just had my 2nd one this morning due to a different GP saying I have a Goitre, I was told by the radiologist that it doesn't look enlarged but I now have another cyst on my right lobe but neither look worrying. I'm seeing an Endocrinologist in Apr for elevated calcium levels and fluctuating PTH levels.

I'm just feeling confused now what happens with these cysts? I'll talk to the Endo about this but wondered if anyone had experienced this?

Thank you

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I had 7 nodules on left and one big one on right , don't think they were cysts though. The right lobe was taken out 1985 and the left lobe last june. These 'lumps' are nasty because they grow and start 'strangling' you eventually. I was so glad they have gone and I have a normal feeling in my throat again.

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