Ovarian cysts & adenomyosis link to underactive thyroid

I had an ultra sound yesterday and it showed up 2 cysts along with possible adenomyosis which I understand is a common condition. I am on 100mcg of thyroxine daily, is there any link with hypothyroidism and cysts etc. I am not seeing gastro consultant again for a few weeks, he recommended pelvic ultrasound as I have ulcerative colitis, so dont' know what or if any treatment is available etc and I assume i will be referred to gynae at some point. Many thanks for your input.

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Interesting post, I had a lifetime of gynea problems/operations. One of them was for adenomyosis, and others were for ovarian cysts. I know now I had a thyroid problem but was never diagnosed until I had thyroid cancer 10 years ago and had my thyroid removed, So yes, I beleive there is a definite link with thyroid issues.

Many thanks for your reply and I do hope that you are now very well. Best wishes Ann.

I am, as I type, sitting at home recovering from have both ovaries removed due to ovarian cysts. My right ovary had a 12cm x 11cm x 9cm cyst and two weeks before my op another ultrasound was done which picked up two cysts on the other ovary so the decision was made to remove both if it looked like I would be having to have the left ovary removed in the future - turned out they took both as it was looking that way.

I have done lots and lots of research on this and found that many thyroid sufferers do suffer with ovarian cysts but when I mentioned this to my gynae I was shot down in flames as she had "never heard of any connection" so, from what I have read and learnt, I would say that there is a connection but getting the medical profession to agree is another matter.

Depending on the size of the cyst they will want to wait and see - anything over 5cm they will think of operating on BUT when mine was first diagnosed it was 10cm and they still wanted to wait and see - which I refused. The bigger mine got the more pain and discomfort I was in so speak up if you have either of these two. Ask the lady/man doing the scan what the size of the cyst is as if you dont ask they wont tell you.

Moggie x

I ended up with the same op' as yourself Moggie, I had the top Professor in this country dealing with me, and still he/they did not connect with thyroid. It's a scandal!

So can I ask about hormone levels after your op. I am well through my menopause so not sure what is needed - again no help for the "caring" profession - did you need any extra hormone input and if so how did you go about it and what did you take?

Thanks for replying Margo.

Moggie x

How are you doing moggie? Its a bit of a shock to the system isnt it?I hope you're not in too much pain.

Not doing to bad, although I do keep trying to do too much and end up feeling very tired and sore again. My boss has been very good - full pay, chocolates and flowers sent and I have been told not to come back until i feel ready - which makes such a difference as it takes away the guilt of being off of work.

Thanks for asking and yes your right it is a shock to the system and dont quite know how the system is going to deal with this long term - any ideas?

Moggie x

I don't know I've kept my ovaries so its slightly different and no where near the menopause yet (i hope)but surgery scar wise etc. ect. I'm completely pain free and the scar is fading nicely.

Moggie the system will hardly notice they are gone I had the whole lot done at 29 and started HRT two years later. Evening Primrose oil three times a day worked wonders and once the scar is healed a nice treat to help to make it fade is bio oil. Good luck for a speedy recovery and did you say chocs please hand em round.

Interesting rODg3r, was the Primrose oil to help balance your hormones, would you mind to p.m. me the brand and measure, it might be the missing link for me?


hi i used b oots own 1000mg 3 times a day not cheep but it worked well especially with the heavy bloated feeling and dry skin and it was a gyny person that approved the dose as I know that seems high but5 it worked for me

Thanks for the info' r0dg3r

Thank you for the info - grandchildren made very short work of the chocs - sorry.

Moggie x

I would say there is a link i had a football sized cyst removed from my left ovary in october.

Im sure i read it somewhere too but cant remember where. There is a link with hormone problems in women and hypothyroidismso i would suspect that goes hand in hand with the development cysts

Can I just ask, those of you who have had ovarian cysts, did you ever get symptoms of needing to wee frequently (although often just small amounts) - usually in the night when lying down, and if you try to ignore it you get a fair amount of pain from the lower left or right side (left with me), which can remain for a while even after going (I have this right now).

I am trying to work out if it's a bladder irritation with me (had this for 2 or 3 years), or if it's an ovary issue - i.e. if swollen (with cyst(s)) it may be pressing on bladder or ureters.

As I understand cysts they can sometimes come through oestrogen dominance, which I did have but has died down somewhat since coming through menopause about 20 months ago with the help of natural progesterone cream to balance the hormones up.

Also, oestrogen dominance can affect thyroxine uptake, so I can see a connection with it all.

Yes i was weeing 20+ times a day but my cyst was sooo large it was definitely pressing on my bladder but it was never painful to urinate.

Hi,no, it's not painful to urinate - I've had bad cystitis (years ago), so know the difference. The pain is not there, but where i imagine the ovaries to be...or the ureters.

Thankfully I think it's too low to be the kidneys, although the pain goes around the back at times, but I am fearing I may have the beginnings of arthritic hips, because I am short and my weight. :(

It is definitely possible that the pain is due to the cyst then. My main discomfort was when i was lying on my back as the cyst was pressing on everything which made it quite painful.

I would get pain occasionally really sharp pain while weeing in ovary area used to make me sit bolt up right! Also peed a lot!

I suppose it depends on how big the cyst is but yes I used to get this.

I went through a very early menopause, about 12 years ago aged 42, so I dont think my cysts were down to oestrogen dominance and when my GP did a hormone tests for me her "well your hormones are exactly were we would expect them to be at your time of life" lead me to believe that my oestrogen levels were quite low.

You got on well with the progesterone cream then did you - how did you find it as this is one way I am thinking of supplementing for my lack of ovaries - it would be so much easier if the doctors actually talked to you would it?

Moggie x

oh yes, if you went through an early menopause at that young age it would be lack of oestrogen - unlike me - at quite a normal age for meno....(53/almost 54 when my last period in June '13)

pre-meno went on for years, though, and have been diagnosed with Hashis/hypoT since 30, so the doubled up/double whammy symptoms meant i had to research a lot...

sorry for unedited typos - am knackered because of overnight with 2 yr old g/daughter an phone calls to (my lovely) elderly mom and needy daughter this pm *sigh*

BP through the roof too - have appt. at docs Tues re. annual thyroid function trst - don't know if they're calling me in cus too high or too low - I did put myself up to 200mcg from 175mcg when cold/and aches and extra pains hit from last Oct.

24 hr. BP monitor would not work Thurs - had to abandon

Yes, i have the constant feeling of wanting to wee eventhough there is nothing there sometimes but also if I am out and need to go i find it difficult to control and can have a little leakage which is very embarrassing. I am going to mention this also in my next appointment. I am 49 and probably pre-menopausal now but have heavy prolonged periods still and have bad back & pelvic pain. I do get pain on the left side where the cysts have been found and terrible back ache if standing for a period of time but never linked this up. I was'nt aware of an oestrogen dominance so with all the info received on here I will be well prepared for my next appointment and hopefully get some answers. Are you seeing a consultant/gp regarding your symptons or having any treatment? Best wishes Ann

This is re-visiting a nightmare for me. A complete hysterectomy including ovaries, at the age of 42, having had 6 rounds of un-succesful IVF. I went straight on the HRT tablets, ( made from mares urine), which I didn't respond to. I saw a very expensive Professor in London who recommended a testosterone implant. Shortly after I was having frightening nightmares and was very ill, but the implant could not be removed due to being put in badly. I had a shocking nervous breakdown, didn't sleep for twenty years, and tried to commit suicide. When the implant wore out I went on natural hormones i.e. progest cream, and supplements that got me through where I am today.

It wasn't till I had thyroid cancer 10 years ago and had my thyroid removed I joined the dots, and could see that ever since a child I was never diagnosed with thyroid problems just like my mother who died of vascular dementia 5 years ago and who also definitely had a thyroid problem, as does my sister and her two daughters.

Hope this helps you Moggie

What a very sad story - failed IFV is sad enough on its own but then to have a hysterectomy and, what sounds like, a dodgy doctor doing a complete bodge job with an implant is an awful thing to have to go through. I hope you are through the worse now and have completely recovered from your gynae health issues and are coming to terms with the death of your mum and what a cying shame that no one joined the dots a long time go as far as you were concerned. You must feel very badly let down by the NHS and its, so called, specialists.

So you think I should look into using the progest cream do you?

Thank you for sharing your story.

Moggie x

Moggie - natural (bio-identical) progesterone cream (not synthetic progestin as in some HRT's), is good for a few things - Wellsprings Serenity is good - Google or a help page for questions is on Facebook and i am a member of that Page.

It helps to stimulate oestrogen if its needed - but balance is so needed in all hormones as I am sure you know.

Thank you very much I will look it up.

Moggie x

'Serenity' has been mentioned here quite a few times, not heard any negative comments either - something I'm looking into too...

strangely my periods re-started after taking VitD ....grr... - 40 years of them is enough! J :D

The saddest thing Moggie, is my story is not unique, neglect is still rampant in the N.H.S., I trust none of them. This site is an absolute god send.

I have been on the cream for around 20 years, I managed to get it on prescription for a short while, however with the cuts etc having to pay for it. It works out around £20/30 monthly. I don't know if it is this that has kept me stable, as I haven't stopped it to see!! But I think so along with other supps.

Good luck!

You have had such a difficult time Margo. My best wishes to you and I do thank you for all the information that has been provided by you and others on here, it is of great assistance to me for my appointment to have some extra knowledge and to be able to ask questions, whether they will be brushed away or not. This is such a wonderful site and great to hear from others with similar symptons. Please take care. Ann x

I never had gyny probs until after tt long story. Took me to collapse before anyone decided to investigate all lrivs l was having then a year later a complete hyster. ! I had endo, my pelvic area was a mess with adhesions. And a few fibroids !

I hope you are well on the way to recovery now and thank you so much for your reply. It seems to me that there is definitely a link and I have been suffering for a long time with pelvic and back pain and told to excercise more lol which was impossible. Hopefully now I can get some resolve. Take care and my best wishes to you. Ann x

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