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I'm guessing this feature will ring a lot of bells with people on this forum. (It's by someone who had hyperparathyroidism, but their experience of the medical profession is painfully familiar.)

WARNING – although it's a serious feature at its core, it's written for a comedy site, and in quite a raw style with some very strong language, so please don't follow the link if that will offend you!


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  • That is so funny, and so true, still giggling... love the picture captions as well.

  • Very funny! :-)

  • Funny but very sad - we think we get the run around with thyroid illness but parathyroid illness is near on impossible to get diagnosed and then your chances of getting thyroid illness after is all down to the skill of your surgeon. If he does a good job you'll be o.k. if not he will damage your thyroid so you will end up hypo.

    Thanks for the link

    Moggie x

  • Thanks for posting, it's funny.

    #5 would seem to be an argument in favour of GPs though wouldn't it ? (Devils advocate) :)

  • I'm not against GPs per se, just ineffective, arrogant GPs! Ideally, we'd all have a designated GP who knows their stuff, keeps up to date with developments in medicine (but doesn't dismiss the tried and trusted methods that work), diagnoses according to symptoms, doesn't get sidetracked by box-ticking exercises, listens to their patients, and credits them with some intelligence. A GP who'd know when to hand us over to specialists and who would coordinate and oversee our treatment – so that if we needed to see 3 specialists, for instance, No3 would be briefed by the GP on what had happened with No1 and No2. GPs like that I'm all for! :-)

  • Like they were supposed to be!

  • Hear hear, Harry!

  • Absolutely

  • Thanks for link hampster so true

  • sooo true - especially page 2 of the article - my sister told me I should try doing some exercise - as that is why I got a slipped disc - by back eas not strong enough - this is the sister who I have not seen in 20 years, but who knows I do rowing, martial arts and have aphysical job ( well I did those things before my accident) - cheecky cow, or my husband who asks me a hundred times a day if I am feeling better yet, and when I say no or try to tell him how I feel he gets grumpy or wonders off - bored to hear me say I am still not fixed yet.

    currently he is not speaking to me, because I asked him to wash my pillow, something I cannot do myself ( is a large body pillow, too heavy for me to lift), but makes a show of carrying my teacup for me when anyone is looking.

    so fed up of it all - but this article did make me laugh ( and cry)

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