Hydroxocobalamin injections out of stock - from Amdipharm Mercury

Hydroxocobalamin injections out of stock - from Amdipharm Mercury

Pharmaceutical Journal has this supply issue alert from a couple of weeks or so ago:

22 February 2014


Generic hydroxocobalamin injections are currently out of stock from Amdipharm Mercury. The company does not know when supply will resume. The branded product, Cobalin-H, is still available from Amdipharm Mercury. Medical information on 08700 70 30 33. Further information on 020 8588 9273.


Anyone had any problems yet?


Image is of the product in Goldshield livery - I have no idea what it now looks like.

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  • For anyone having problems letter to give to your GP / pharmacy:


  • Thanks hampster1, that letter is potential of great value to some.


  • And I dare say this kind of thing is not helping, also a big shortage in the USA and Canada:


  • And yes I really do want to smack that silly pout off the reporters face...

  • Do they use hydroxocobalamin in Canada? I was under the impression they don't.

    Still, the article is a classic. Manages to say so much and yet still says so little. Followed by the "diet and exercise is all you need" comments. Maybe not always... :-)

  • No its a cyano shortage. This is an interesting take on it as well:


  • Thanks - interesting.

    After all, this is America, and people have every right to be swindled by charlatans.

    Many a true word...


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